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    HHere's a teaser photo of my old paint wall.
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    I’ve always enjoyed this place because of the lack of manners, but I have a sense of humor. I think more than half of the conversations we all used to engage in wouldn't be acceptable given the current climate of political correctness on social media platforms. But those are getting played out... ✌️ Apply directly to the forehead!
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    My recycling bin reps 12oz haha I'll try n get pics tomorrow This place has always been dope.
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    Three things -A pic of you and Cope, with him pointing at something. -A pic of you and Banksy, in action, painting a girl and a flower. -A pic of you and Shepard Fairly, cuddling in bed, like that John Lennon and Yoko Ono bed pic.
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    He sent you a tape of him whispering creepy things to you.
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    I don't see how, it's too fucked up?! I just kept thinking about it for days. I was seriously traumatized. LOL!
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    Who knows, sometimes I like to imagine what my low would be? What is my rock bottom? How drunk or desperate would I have to be to even attempt something this gnarly.
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    Right now most of my cardio is through BJJ but I am going to get back on the stair climber and bike this weekend. Starting first week of August I will no longer have to drive kids to school or pick up.....going to give extra time for the gym. Resisted this carb/sugar temptation this morning. Every Friday this shit is in the office, most of the time I crush at least a donut and bagel in the morning and several cookies during the day.
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    So no “tits or GTFO”? is what you are saying? Lol
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    Bump this forever. Fucking weak the pics are gone. Rest easy, brother.
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    The 60min IPA is the best thing in this thread
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    Heres a dump from the past week or so
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    Fat Ralphy checking in here folks..... I intend to use this thread to document and motivate my efforts for health and fitness. My hopes are that putting myself out there and being accountable to the forum will help me stay on point. Over the last two years I have packed on approx. 50 lbs - stress and injuries have made it hard to get on track. My plan is as follows - get my eating in check, post my meals here and document meal prep. Increase my activity - I currently train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a few times a week but I want to add some lifting, biking, swimming and cardio. Today i weighed in at 305 lbs - my goal weight is 240lbs. Including a photo of my weigh in today. Feel free to check in on your own fitness goals or give input if you have some knowledge to share. Thanks Bros.... (This is going to be a struggle - I am eating a slice of pizza as I post this.) (Ok - several slices.)
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  20. 1 point
    Do you see why I was traumatized now? ?
  21. 1 point
    Sawing your own head off with piano wire ❤️
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    This movie fucked me up for days. I could never watch it again.
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    damn. been awhile and forgot how to even post here.
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    Definitely IG engagement is in decline, but that may be partially its own doing, as IG has voiced its intent to not show "like" counts. I think there was a bubble, and that bubble burst, but is IG dead, maybe not.... As the pull back has caused a small transformation with a focus on "micro-influencers"-- accts with less than 10,000 but have higher engagement numbers and more authentic interactions and followers. Though my nude photography acct only has about 8000 followers, I've been in contact with more and more models lately. My landscape acct loses followers daily, but they overall engagement on my posts have increased. Go figure.... My read on all of this is that it's not about big engagement numbers anymore, but folks are more authentically engaging with accts/social medias that are more meaningful to them.....
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    I used to like instagram but they have it so I only see a few people, kind of like the retarded youtube al gore rhythm . Used to show me all kinds of obscure music and now its the same songs ive been listening to.
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    pull the end of the negaprop to turn her on/off?
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    my philosophy is it isnt gay since it looks like a chick. dead serious. i showed pics of her to my homie, and he said he thought she looked pretty dope. fwiw, i was wearing a slayer shirt and eating pizza while she jerked me off. im not tryin to have anything to do with her penis or butthole tho. just sayin. you aint got shit on this, twinky. better step your game up, nukkuh. filthypeter talked me into putting her pic up
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    Right on! Thank you!
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    Not every source is supported, but a few of the main ones are. HTML is not allowed so embed codes don’t work. Rather the system auto detects the URL to recognize its a video host and then wraps the appropriate embed code around it. For supported video hosts, you just copy / paste the URL to that video in the comment, nothing else. It’ll then convert the link to an embedded player. Also does the same for sources like Instagram and Twitter and even links to other threads / posts on our forum.
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    ? do you mean boned? Or are you referring to bon bon’s?
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    I am a fa of Boston. But I dig all that old stuff.
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    Dm’d. I need bout2/3 since the beef shirt I got a while back done went from black to grey...(hard palm)
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    The cost of living in Toronto has skyrocketed the past 5 years with the cost of housing at astronomical levels in the city proper and still unrealistically high in surrounding towns. Eg. Average rent for 1 bedroom at $12-1500/month and detached houses going for $1mill plus. It's easy to see the number of homeless increasing. There was "Tent City" in a central ravine area in the early 2000s but it was dispersed by the city, they're still breaking up homeless communities that pop up along rivers and under bridges. They've opened a fair amount of shelters and safe injection sites around the city at the dismay of a lot of people who live in those areas, but because of the sheer volume of people needing these facilities it often gets ruined by the shitty few. The shelters fill up quick and even if you get into one as a small family or person just down on their luck with nowhere to go, you risk getting your shit stolen or some asshole will harass or assault you. Super frustrating to see but at the same time, a lot of not well off people are struggling as is. A few small stints of shit luck could leave you in the streets if you don't have family or friends to fall back on, at least the social systems in place here exist and healthcare is decent. Couldn't imagine being in a similar situation in the States where a small medical emergency could bankrupt you.
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    @SukiSukiNowalways has an open invite for ice cream, but no gingers.
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    I’m all over this when I get a chance to sit down and do some shit. Deleted a fuck load of garbage including my ig app which I found personally gratifying ????‍♂️ LameassOner
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    I've noticed on IG, it seems like I see posts from the same accounts over-and-over again. This is anecdotal, but it seems I only ever see posts from a small segment of people that I follow unless I specifically view someone's profile/feed. As far as the verification that you've been denied - what does that verification do/provide?
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    Also not wishing to derail a good topic but found this questionable/suspicious since they appeared. First 2 posts name drop the same services and even the response above includes a link in it in the words 'most important.' But hey, maybe they don't speak English and just used a program to write the above response. To conclude, I invoke the old 12oz maxim Tits or GTFO.
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    yea i like to sleep i got a fuckin problem
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