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    HHere's a teaser photo of my old paint wall.
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    I’ve always enjoyed this place because of the lack of manners, but I have a sense of humor. I think more than half of the conversations we all used to engage in wouldn't be acceptable given the current climate of political correctness on social media platforms. But those are getting played out... ✌️ Apply directly to the forehead!
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    My recycling bin reps 12oz haha I'll try n get pics tomorrow This place has always been dope.
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    Fist 2019 ...as I peeled off her Depends she smelled more of piss than vinegar.......
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    Dear beautiful people, I have kept you in my head and heart. I miss our interaction and lookin forward to more. I forget when and what my last posts were about but my life is completely different and I am genuinely and soulfully happy. Pittsburgh living. (Left Vegas 2 yrs ago today) currently changing into different career path and my lil (college grad) baby is so-cal living and recently made it to ‘finalists’ for being a Laker girl. But no further AND equally as proud! I hope you all are happy and healthy or at least on your way. sizes
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    When crocodile tears’ girl signed on. Wasn’t there some type of connection with the whole “Harlem Shake” deal and DAO? I could be completely making shit up tho. But seriously. Best moments were meeting every single oontzer that I have ever met.
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    Hi!!! Thank you...Does it count if it’s been like 15 years? ? haven’t see you in awhile. Hope things are well with you.
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    Exactly... Save it for the n00bz once we get back to that point. Though, thinking for most of you, at this point it's jail bait.
  11. 3 points
    Oh man, digging this gold up out of the deep recesses of CH0. Might as well squeeze a little more lolz out of dues @Fist 666 paid for them.
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    I know, nobody deserves to be tracked by the government without a warrant. Free Snowden!
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    Three things -A pic of you and Cope, with him pointing at something. -A pic of you and Banksy, in action, painting a girl and a flower. -A pic of you and Shepard Fairly, cuddling in bed, like that John Lennon and Yoko Ono bed pic.
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    fuck IG, just start throwing up 12OZ stickers everywhere. Genuine curiosity of random people will lead them here.
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    Surprisingly, not Florida this time. cc: @6Pennies When the FBI raided a now-defunct Arizona body donation company, they found a gruesome scene, including remains from different bodies sewn together in a "Frankenstein" manner, and buckets full of limbs, a former agent testified. Biological Resource Center Inc., its owners, employees and other companies, including a funeral home and health care providers, are being sued by family members of dead people who had opted to donate their bodies "solely for medical and scientific purposes." Authorities instead found that bodies at the center were "mishandled, abused, desecrated and sold for profit," according to the suit. Mark Cwynar, a former Phoenix FBI assistant special agent, recently testified for the civil suit that when the FBI raided Biological Resource Center Inc. in 2014, he "observed several unsettling scenes." "I observed a large torso with the head removed and replaced with a smaller head sewn together in a 'Frankenstein' manner," Cwynar wrote. "I observed body parts piled on top of each other throughout the facility with no apparent identification to indicate what bodies they came from or to whom they belonged," he said. He said "buckets and coolers with various body parts, including a bucket of heads, arms and legs" were also absent of identification, as were body parts strewn in freezers. Male torsos he saw were without limbs and genitalia, he wrote. A cooler he saw was filled with male genitalia, he added. Family members of the victims said they were told "the donations, if accepted, would be used solely for medical and/or scientific research ... that donor bodies would be treated with dignity and respect; and that donor bodies would not be dismembered and/or sold for profit," according to the civil suit filed in 2015. They were also told that the unused remains of their family members' bodies would be cremated and returned to them, and many did receive boxes that they were told were their loved one's ashes. Instead, the bodies were dismembered, "commingled" and disposed of improperly, according to the suit. Some were illegally sold for profit, sometimes overseas. More than 30 family members are part of the civil suit filed in Maricopa County, Arizona, that seeks punitive and compensatory damages for "severe, permanent and extreme emotional and mental suffering and grief, as well as resulting in physical illnesses." "The defendants’ acts were so outrageous in character, and so extreme in degree, as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency, and are regarded as atrocious, and utterly intolerable in a civilized community," the suit said. "Defendants either intended to cause plaintiffs emotional distress or recklessly disregarded the near certainty that such distress resulted from their conduct." Stephen Gore, the owner of Biological Resource Center Inc., pleaded guilty in 2015 to illegally conducting an enterprise, and was sentenced to 12 months deferred jail time and four years of probation. Authorities said he and other defendants had been mistreating and illegally selling donated bodies since at least 2007. Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/dismembered-body-parts-sewn-together-frankenstein-donation-center-fbi-found-n1035131
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    12oz, i am ashamed. i think i just did the grossest thing i've ever done. mother of 3. lives in the trailer park not far from my place. as her shirt came up i could feel all the stretch marks like cracked concrete on her side. i started to smirk thinking this will make a funny story, she thought i was aroused. i led her to my room. we strip. I think about taking my glasses off (i'm nearsighted) so I can pretend I'm elsewhere. I knew what i was doing was not good. and it kept getting worse. she smelled like trailer (i've lived in parks, i know). that mix of papa john's garlic sauce and cigarette smoke with hint of litter box in the finish. I've hogged before. sober. I've whaled and made it out okay. I'll make this too but its all wrong. all wrong. her bra was one of those super stuffed ones. she says, "my bra is a bit deceiving but no one has ever been disappointed." she lost 4 cup sizes to reveal gnarly near-pancakes with oversized aereolas. leopard print too. stupid. its truly amazing what a pair of jeans can hold in place. pudding in human shape. stretch marked pudding in human shape. pudding thats been exposed to air and gets that cracked film across it from drying. ugh. mud in national geographic films that dries in the summer droughts. she got under the covers. we made out and i tried to be somewhere else while i fingered her. i've never felt like i could outright fist someone without lube and yellow kitchen gloves. i didn't. i asked what she wanted. "you. is that okay?" i put on a condom and push her knees to her chest. her fat leaks out to her sides. she looks like a hot water bottle leftover from the 70s. but gross pale white, like white walled tires discarded in arizona desert dumps, cracked, yellowed and faded under an unforgiving sun. a tulip's wilted stalk after an early freeze, turgor pressure gone, cells burst, only an exterior membrane holding a memory of what nature had intended. as i push into her i feel the stubble on her calves and inner thigh rub my side. "what am i doing?" i think, she says, "tell me when you're going to cum." i fuck for a few minutes. I slip out a few times. she's smiling, moaning. i can smell her. i flip her over. roll really. there is no muscle in her pudgy ass. the cheeks flap apart like old flags in a wind storm as she moves to be face down. her butt hole looks ravaged. i grab her shoulder and force my dick back into her. my penis didn't want to play and after 5 minutes of boning my dick decided game-over. i pushed rope as long as i could but that marsupial flap of belly evilT mentioned, the in-grown vagina hair (if you're chubby why bother with a landing strip?), the stretchmark sun rays emanating from her nipples, the backne i'd felt grate my fingertips as i'd undone her obscenely deceiving bra... i tell her its done. "it is not going to happen." she points to her face, "come up here for a minute." i'm about 1/2 mast. she has a tongue ring. haven't had that since high school. "this might work," i think she sucks. i get maybe to 3/4. if my dick had wanted to play i could have rough-face-fucked for all she was worth. she was into it. i couldn't get my mind back in the game. the funny-story-game, that is. or the boner game. she had a few white heads on her face that were pissing me off. i lay down beside her, she kind of rolls over and grabs her pants/panties pile and pulls them on together. "i guess i should get back to my kids..." "yeah probably that would be the right thing to do." "k..." i walk her to the door. i notice that my porchlight is a joke, it doesn't really light shit beyond the front step. she says, "i'll see you around." "yeah." 5 minutes passes. she texts, "question. might be dumb. have to ask and want an honest answer. was it me?" "i don't know." i don't want to be a dick to her. i'm not angry yet, still recoiled into a dark place i haven't been in years. "its ok if it was. just wondering. sorry if i didn't seem to be what you expected." "k" its all too much. i need to shower. i washed my hands but i can still smell her as i type. i need a shower beer and a shower. goodnight 12oz. TLDR: i fucked a trailer park mother of 3 and gave you guys the details of shame. now i'm going to shower.
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    He sent you a tape of him whispering creepy things to you.
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    I’m sure there is a rational reason for this. On a totally separate note, I am going to have to be gone from here for awhile. Anyone have a couch I can crash on? But we can’t exchange names or numbers, and I will always have gloves on. My hands get cold, and it has nothing to do with finger prints.
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    Yup, from that moment on, I knew I'd have to find a support group for people who saw that damn movie!
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    I don't see how, it's too fucked up?! I just kept thinking about it for days. I was seriously traumatized. LOL!
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    I like the way you compliment CALIgula
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    Raven said I can’t tell you “tits or GTFO”. Cil = sad
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    Who knows, sometimes I like to imagine what my low would be? What is my rock bottom? How drunk or desperate would I have to be to even attempt something this gnarly.
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    Right now most of my cardio is through BJJ but I am going to get back on the stair climber and bike this weekend. Starting first week of August I will no longer have to drive kids to school or pick up.....going to give extra time for the gym. Resisted this carb/sugar temptation this morning. Every Friday this shit is in the office, most of the time I crush at least a donut and bagel in the morning and several cookies during the day.
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    Fist we need a new story like the old story but with the years more experience you have now. If you hit the streets and come back with some more non-fiction gold for us then you will be adorned with our gratitude for being a hero.
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    It’s been a huge challenge getting my diet in check. Finally got my first fast completed and the momentum will make the next one easier. Going to try for the 18:6 most days. Also eat a bit cleaner. Jiu Jitsu class yesterday kicked my ass. We have a really strong black belt who just came up from Brazil. Dude is solid. On a side note - copped my reunion Tee.
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    Bump this forever. Fucking weak the pics are gone. Rest easy, brother.
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    Lol, thanks @misteraven. Working through traumatic events like these are what makes the community strong.
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    Recent pics of my kicks New balance collette x undefeated x lamjc Crossover x puma Diadora Hadrians Wall
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    The 60min IPA is the best thing in this thread
  40. 2 points
    If you want me to stick candies up your ass, all you have to do is ask. /nh
  41. 2 points
    I was planning to double up with the stickers in these forum tee orders but we try to throw a bunch into every order.
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    ^LMFAO. I really hope people do that. I'm hoping as hard as I can.
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    What TreSixO said. You hit the anti-Goldilocks zone with your follower count and now it's throttled until you start paying up. Starting to hit this with my company at 17k followers, and now having to do more paid posts to get reach.
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    Heres a dump from the past week or so
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    The cost of living in Toronto has skyrocketed the past 5 years with the cost of housing at astronomical levels in the city proper and still unrealistically high in surrounding towns. Eg. Average rent for 1 bedroom at $12-1500/month and detached houses going for $1mill plus. It's easy to see the number of homeless increasing. There was "Tent City" in a central ravine area in the early 2000s but it was dispersed by the city, they're still breaking up homeless communities that pop up along rivers and under bridges. They've opened a fair amount of shelters and safe injection sites around the city at the dismay of a lot of people who live in those areas, but because of the sheer volume of people needing these facilities it often gets ruined by the shitty few. The shelters fill up quick and even if you get into one as a small family or person just down on their luck with nowhere to go, you risk getting your shit stolen or some asshole will harass or assault you. Super frustrating to see but at the same time, a lot of not well off people are struggling as is. A few small stints of shit luck could leave you in the streets if you don't have family or friends to fall back on, at least the social systems in place here exist and healthcare is decent. Couldn't imagine being in a similar situation in the States where a small medical emergency could bankrupt you.
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