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    Crown roast of lamb. Picked up 2 racks last minute on my way home from work. Frenched them and made the crown then smoked to an internal of 130f, let the carry over happen to 140f, and then tossed some porcini wild rice in the middle.
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    one of my many favorite threads, there's some gems in here
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    Pretty sure this says Vaivo. Seen on Tour de France the other day. Seeing as supposedly over 3.5 billion people worldwide watch the tour that's got some eyeballs on it.
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    Appreciate the love guys (no homo)... Important thing is to spread the word! Seriously... Reach out as far and wide as you can to find members on that shirt or anyone else that would be a good addition to the community on here. Get in front of them, keep pestering them, get them to jump in and post. Think of 12oz a party... Parties are way more fun when they're packed and extra fun when its friends and cool people. Just need to work together to make it happen and this shirt is the excuse to start opening up lines of communication with all the OG's that made this place so good.
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    12 ounce made me wanna be a crook. 12 ounce made me wanna read a book. 12 ounce taught how to hop a train. 12 ounce taught me how to paint a train. I am behind you raven, don't bend over no homo.
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    Shirt is dope. Hard to read all those names while I'm drunk. Am I up in there? I'll grab one either way but don't make me close one eye to read all those! EDIT: Aw snap! just found it. I must need more beer.
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    P.S. Two men so cowardly they engaged with each other’s women rather than each other is a rare thing to capture on film. pulitzer to the camera man/woman
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    @kults reminded me of this one that popped up during the week. Aussie AF
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    Pretty amazing! For the rest of you guys, @b0bwas part of I think the very first mod team on 12oz, or close to it. Welcome back my dude! Enjoy man... Great to see you post again. Time to to see @sofarokpost regularly again too.
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    Actually believe a Taekwondo guy did it first and that's where Max got it from. Honestly think I've seen that somewhere even before, a movie?
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    Wow 12oz is still around! Used to post as crazeeb0b and was a mod for a while. I started the On My Travels thread in brickslayers. So bizarre seeing so many names from so long ago.
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    saw this and started laughing, take that white supremacists!
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    If you know anyone on this list... If you have their mobile number, email, Instagram handle, Facebook whatever... Please reach out and talk to them. Tell them what we're doinga dn send them a link to this. Piost it to your own accounts so if maybe their following you and you just don't know, they'll see it... Here's a short link to make this super easy: http://bit.ly/12oz-reunion-tee Maybe start posting this hashtag and the rest of us can follow along... #12ozTheReturn
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    @Magnum OPissfucking perfection. Got this bad boy in the mail last night.
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    If you aren't DAO committed, then fuck you. When bernie lost, i wrote in boogie hands. call me a fucking liar
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    Yo @misteravenI need super mod status, this board is outta control.
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    God damn that looks good!
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    Id like to buy two one to wear and one to keep. I ruin shirts rather quickly haha
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    Hit the link to the announcement... There's a text version so you can use the search in your browser. That said, you're on there for sure. Post count over 3k definitely qualifies you for the top 1000. Also note that the design isnt entirely final. There's a small disrepancy with the names export that @Kultscaught that left a few names off. Basically the cutoff is somewhere at around 1000 posts. I'll reply back at some point with the final, final version of the graphic since this is a near final mockup.
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    Busta Rhymes in the pink shirt was maaaaaaddd! woo hah! he kept them all in check
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    Man i love cooking for myself and friends. Ima be up in this thread like tampons
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    Three things stick out to me: 1. Those guys are complete pieces of trash. 2. Disappointed in the lack of wardrobe malfunctions. 3. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu saves the day.
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    Hahaha shout out the dude with the red backpack.
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    Few from the last month or so.. Pork belly cooked on kamado rotisserie, whole lamb on the spit, seafood paella and fresh caught fish curry Looking at all that good american BBQ food up there is inspiring me to get the Weber out and get grilling again now, its been a while
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    Suuuup bitches. Where them NightOwls at hooooty. yooo wheres my TicTacs at??
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    Ain't no Suki like a West Coast Suki 'cause a West Coast Suki don't stop.
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    Found it... https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCpc4pafW2x2vF5KOnPeQfKA
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