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    From the sounds of it she already destructed herself.
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    Hola all. It’s been a while, but a quick update on life over the past 10 years. Got educated. Travelled. Had a career. Got married. Got a mortgage. Got divorced. Hit the drugs. Found a muse. Created art. Lost my mind. 5150 was the number. (Become the lens for God to execute runtime experiments?) Here are the images from that time.
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    I think you're spot on, Its already happening. Honestly we were due anyway, the hypebeast era is coming to an end. Nowadays I see a guy in OW and I snicker.
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    That's the truth...and honestly I am happy about it but once the brands find out that the hype is going away, theyre gonna start changing their aesthetic to make more money
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    Thats where were at and I couldn't happier. As someone who buys stuff to wear it into the ground this is a great state of affairs. Manufactured scarcity got corny and the companies caught on and just upped production.
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    this worries me tho….if hyped releases are reselling at near retail people's collections are gonna start dropping in value
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    Just saw World War Z with Brad Pitt. Reminded me me of why I don’t watch movies.
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    If you can add another 3 hours to my week, I’ll even do requests!
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    Trash post-cum guts sluts. Trash hot chick for being in the wrong thread. Tell her to come see me when she got a verified pornhub page.
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    Of course this has regained attention lately:
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    Wall street 1918 after Germany's surrender
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    Just turned the clock ahead to beer o'clock.
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    Smaller guys should focus on movement over everything. Technique Conquers All. I'm 6ft 200lbs and strong. You'll never be as strong as me. Period. You need to focus on movement and how to control me. Watch small black belts on youtube instead of the bigger guys for technique demonstrations. Probably biased but Caio Terra is a favorite of mine. He is also one of the most technical. There are definitely times where strength comes into play in Jiu Jitsu, when those times come you aren't going to better me. As stupid as this might sound I envy smaller guys in Jiu Jitsu. I can sometimes supplement bad technique with strength, which doesn't teach me any lessons about BJJ.
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    RIP PoZ. Sent hope through an internet graffiti forum. I'm three years sober today and my life has never been brighter or calmer than it is today. To anyone struggling with the disease just know I never thought I could stop but I heard a message of hope on 12oz.
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    Over here waiting for Mauler’s Ascention through all realms of the human condition thread to get its first pic from OP.
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    Been moving to the riddim lately, some favs....... Has a bunch of good songs but like the back story here
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