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    Who are your guys' favorite designers? I've been selling off my streetwear and buying less but higher quality clothing. I'll start looking like a clown if I wear what kids are wearing at my age. I've been buying older comme des garcons labels and other Japanese designers lately Most notably Junya Watanabe
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    I’m not willing to die on this hill but hey go for it. Be ‘that’ guy. Shorts on a hot day are fine.
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    I think most of the world would disagree with you... you don’t wear shorts to a job interview, you don’t wear shorts at work. Human civilization got along fine without shorts until the past century or so. No cowboys, rockstars or self respecting people wear shorts lol it’s just inherintly childish thing. Unless you have a practical use for them like going to the gym or you’re fishing or something.
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    Of course , they’re everywhere!! My favorites are the ones dressed head to toe in their gym attire, making like they just didn’t have time to change.. except they don’t have a bag making it obvious they just planned it that way 😂 Ya Thomas you look real cool in your under armour spandex shorts In this -20 weather
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    Everytime I'm outside w/ shorts when it's too cold, and that's not very often, I think to myself "i'm an idiot for wearing shorts right now, what was I thinking?" Then, inevitably, there is some other dude wearing shorts and not looking like he's cold because that's his normal shit to do.
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    Midwest people all day. Canada too?
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    It was so cold today that even fried chicken was grounded
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    my god....that shit made me cry, it was so horrible
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    NOAH by Brendon Babenzian is a text book example of good trad references while still keeping streetwear DNA
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    Ive been watching the resurgence of trad and ivy style coming back. I believe that new designers have now learned their lessons from the "first" time around and have now started cutting away the pomp and pretentiousness of the early 2000's Now that streetwear is leveling off as the "IT" movement of Couture, tailored clothing and simple silhouettes are coming back as if everyone wanted to ease off the "soundcloud rapper" identity of streetwear and grow up slightly the playfulness of streetwear DNA is still seen but without the frivolous peacocking of big branding and obnoxious colors
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    Here is one of my favorites Pete Macnee for Adsum NYC the aesthetic is "rough ivy league". This brand is fucking good.
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    I like how Chicago people add Chi to everything to describe the conditions like Chiraq and Chiberia.
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    I'm sure you guys havent seen it 1000 times its cold as fuck in chicago my damn mustache and nose hairs froze
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    pray for banhammer Also pray for mojo
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    Have you considered vigilantism? It works for Batman. You could smoke some wet and put on a cape an' shit.
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