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    Melt has taken the crown lately in Asheville. Dude has the biggest and best looking productions. Take a drive down Haywood rd in west Asheville and you will know what I mean. Ill take some pictures soon.. Asheville has definitely changed over the years. It has become a hub for visiting writers. Im really going to put some work into keeping this thread alive with pictures and a couple words hear and there. This thread really got me more involved with graff growing up and it also connected with me with other writers. Its how me and Sicr first linked up. It has been somewhat stagnant for the past couple of years and instagram just doesnt give me the same satisfation that 12oz did/does.
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    I believe in actions and consequences. and I agree with @Dirty_habiT. the choices people make is up to them, but that doesn't mean others wont judge if you make your bed, lie in it.
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    How many of you straight males can see a woman wearing a t-shirt w/o a bra and not look right at her nipples? Don't you fuckin lie either. It's instinct and going against instinct is what's causing us to have trannies. I was driving home a few moments ago and this nice black woman was walking w/o a bra on, her titties looked like they were trying to repel eachother like magnets, nipples pointing at the ground like ms. chokes on dick from south park. You know, or you could have some discretion to not share your personal things with others. I don't go around w/ my balls hanging out because it's not ok, or pants so tight you can see my dick because "it's comfortable to me." It's a distraction from the goals of the public. As long as I have a heart beat I'm going to do man shit. Straight man shit. I'll leave the being pussies for the millenials.
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    I'm at work 635 in the AM cuz life is real as shit
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    I have worked in a casino in reno, so I know what is really weird 🙂
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    Looks like Valet is driving this thread right now, appreciation for contribution
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    This is one the most solid screw tapes. Great transitions, great songs. probably top 3 screwtapes in my opinion. The song @ 1:14 :00 is very smooth. DJ Screw, Let's Call Up On Drank - Chapter 8 Trip On the South Side - Mr. 3-2 & Fat Pat Pimp Thang - South Circle Back And Forth - Cameo Freestyle -C-Bo Ain’t Nuthing Wrong - Twins & Warren G Freestyle - Mike D, Fat Pat, Mr. 3-2 Type Of Nigga I Am - Street Military Freestyle - Dove Shack West Up - WC Tonites The Night - RedMan Droppin' Bombs - Trae Dee & Sentrelle Hold Tight - 5 Loose Ends Gotta Maintain - South Circle My Block -2Pac Let’s Call Up On Drank - Fat Pat, Mike D, Mr. 3-2 Who's Got The Camera - Ice Cube
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    Yea you never see tampon ads where they act like cranky bitches
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    Wheres the vid about Feminine Toxicity though ? What a joke. Only men can be toxic ?? The brilliant marketing exec that thought it was a good idea to insult 90% of gillettes customer base is the same one behind that feminist Audi ad during last years Super Bowl.. Shocker. Gillette’s parent company is Proctor and Gamble, who hires all kinds of third parties to farm oils for their products using child labor, bordering on slavery. Yet they feel they have the moral high ground to tell the rest of us to.. “be better”..? Please.
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    lil wall from last month some of us old guys still try and paint occasionally Shoyu Ritual Nakto freebie
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    ^obviously burners on trains and illegal walls are dope too
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    pretty sure the kids you're talking about are out painting every night instead of doing a legal wall once every two months, and i'd rather see spaghetti and triangles on every wall than a super burnnna on one that's legal. not hating, just stating.
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