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    Likely wasted words on my part as I believe you know why the negatiive reactions but for what little it might be worth....... this is generally a very accepting place. We're mainly graf degenerates, but we also have people of all kinds and from all walks here. Take a breath, be yourself, ask questions where you feel the need, but all the random responses that have nothing to do with the thread they're in, just knock it off.
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    Back in Seattle you can hardly go anywhere without running into needles on the ground, when I moved out here to Cleveland I noticed that there were none to be seen and I wondered how long until I would find one, which I did but not before seeing a bullet on the ground, not a shell but just a straight up bullet hanging out on the sidewalk.
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    junya's emphasis on military shit is on point
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    Chest pieces replacing the fanny packs this summer
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    plot twist the bums are actually the Knicks
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    Mode 2 mural for the AeroSoul 3 show in San Francisco from February 2013...
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    I’ve been an undercover cop for years and I’ve got y’all red fucking handed. Suck my dick from the back I hate graffiti and I’m turning into a woman for 2019. Don’t fucking @ me or assume my fucking gender.
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    SP you should make a 12oz design for all the Mods.
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