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    Don't mean to come across as patronising but there are huge problems with the above posts. 1 - The US is not the architect of the instability of the M/E. Sure, it's done a lot that hasn't helped, but look at history, the place was a crucible of cultures and conflict thousands of years before white man ever even stepped foot in North America!! We all know the story of Lawrence of Arabia, Sykes Picot, the Balfour agreement, etc. etc. The Europeans have been in there being pricks well before the US was able to. And lastly, try not to be too patronising towards the locals as well. You think they're innocent parties in their situation? As I said, the place was a shitfight already when the Hittites were running the show. Things were made worse in 2003, without a doubt. But it's not like it was all kebabs and cardamon tea before that. 2 - Yes, the energy in the region has been a major reason for foreign presence there previously. However, the significance of energy to the US has been reducing a shitload over the recent decades. The US is one of the largest energy producers in the world and has only grown in significance with the new extraction tech and renewable tech that's come on line over the last 20+ years. Energy is only an element of what makes the M/E important. I would suggest that security issues are more important to the US these days than energy (not that it doesn't play a part, just a part that is shrinking in comparison to other reasons). 3 - "recover and thrive or not" - And this gets to the security element I was mentioning above. If the place goes to shit, it's not as if it all ends there. The most current lesson is Afghanistan; the place went to shit, the US didn't care and then some arseholes were able to use it as a base to damage US interests (then you've also got the lover-level stuff, such as drug production, arms/people smuggling, organised crime and the shit that inevitably happens in the badlands). Given how interconnected the world is today, when you have a failed state, the instability radiates around the world - think of Somalia and pirates, Honduras and gangs/refugees, etc). 4 - The US presence in the region is not troops deployed in Syria, Iraq, Libya, wherever. It's the US 5th Fleet in Bahrain. This deployment, along with the 7th fleet in Japan, etc. etc. contribute MASSIVELY to regional stability. In East Asia, there are only 3 countries that want the US out: China, Russia and DPRK. Every other country in the region wants the US to stay. The same with the 5th Fleet, It's really only Iran that wants them out of there. The rest of the countries would end up ripped up by war between Iran, KSA, Turkey and Egypt (with Russia, China, France, the UK, Sudan, Italy, etc. also having to get involved due to interests and proximity) if the US was to walk out. That's not to say that stability wouldn't eventually emerge, but think of the decades of war, insurgencies, instability and bullshit the world would have to deal with in the meantime.
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    Hello! Straight gas.
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    The reason they are identical is because in France, everyone who has a car is required by law to have that vest in their trunk in case they need to stop on the highway etc. No one group coordinated or supplied those, they just used something everyone had.
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    Those 97s are nice Nike bringing back the Air Max 2 Lites this year
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    Nike sent me 2 $20 off coupons for my birthday. Shoes I'm considering using them on
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    sprinkle sugar all around the tree. not a ton, but enough to attract ants. bums and ants don't mix.
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    Granted the power vacuums created by the loss of Saddam was devastating, but the only people capable of actually fixing the problem we've created unfortunately aren't Americans, or other foreign coalition members. This concept applies to anyone who's ever been wronged by another, it's your responsibility to either recover and thrive, or not. Because of it's temporary nature, our presence in that region is destabilizing in the big picture, only delaying a more permanent, stable, and and sustainable hierarchy, and political organization from forming. It's not our right to choose what that organization looks like, or if it's in line with our interests. Our only responsibility is, and always has been to defend ourselves should a direct threat arise. The fact that we fucked up and defended ourselves from a non-threat, that in retrospect actually favored our interests is irrelevant to what's required to improve the regional stability in the aftermath.
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    Watched the new Halloween last night. Best one since Halloween 3 imo. Really captures the vibe of the originals and continues where the story left off. Disregards all the schlock sequels from the last 20 years. A great return to form. I recommend it.
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    Audio recorded by his Apple Watch has apparently been released now. Looks like he was tied down to a table and chopped into pieces while he was still alive. Only took 7 minutes apparently, for the butcher this was probably just another day’s work like any other day. Disgusting piles of inbread shit, how the fuck can we be are aligned with a Monarchy, or any government associated with the only attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor. If there was ever a good cause for military action.... At the very least we should confiscate all of their resources, and arrest a few key members of the Royal Family. In parting id just like to emphasize fuck Trump, Obama, and Bush.
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    Had to chase the little guy around until I managed to chase it out the exit and into some tall grass. Hopefully they found each other later. You can see the size by comparing to the holes in the fence or the board at the bottom of the fence, little dude was not much more than 2'
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    ...and then I saw that she had a fawn not much bigger than a toy dog... it had gotten stuck inside a fenced in area and they couldn't figure out how to reunite. The fawn was crying, so I jumped out the car to help out. The doe headed to hide in some brush and the fawn hid in the grass of the enclosure...
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    The cool shit that happens when out on missions. Was chasing some racks when I saw this doe and turned back to grab a flick.....
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