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  1. First login in years. I've stopped by a few times here and there , tried logging in and had forgot my password or page was under construction. Today after 3 attempts, My screen name and password still work! Anyway , was definitely not a heavy poster but hey, I'm back for a bit at least.
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  2. Or.... Density's Child
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  3. Welcome back to a much more mature, family oriented Oontz. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to look at skanks in the Smash or Trash thread. #wonksaggin
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  4. Here's a couple shots before I start up a full thread on the stuff I was hinting at. Just want to get it all done so I can supply the full recap and plenty of pictures as well as finalize a couple more details. But basically, been working since January to open a screen printing facility. You guys here on 12oz are the first to know, but soon we'll start announcing officially via social, email, etc. After years (especially this last year) of struggling with screen printers... Mega expensive OR bad communication OR massive delays OR inconsistent quality, etc... I started looking into how I could solve the issue. After a ton of research a zillion calls and plenty of negotiating, I managed to pull it together and buy a state of the art, computer driven automatic press and all the bells and whistles that go with it. For the last three months, I've been MIA due to haggling with contractors and ultimately doing all the associated provisioning myself (with massive help from a friend staying with me). Literally doing research, making calls to people and endless online instruction and YouTube videos to learn how to run plumbing (water and drainage), pneumatics and hard lines for compressed air and commercial grade electrical work (upgrading a transformer with the electric company, installing new service and putting in a new breaker panel with three high ampacity dedicated drops to various machinery). The technician is set to arrive today (literally the day after Christmas) to install the press that got delivered a few weeks ago, and do all the configuration and fine tuning leaving us with full control over future screen printing (tees / textiles and capable of prints on paper as well), with a press spec'ed with the absolute tightest tolerances in the industry. Anyhow, that's the summary and as stated, I'll take some time when the dust settles to put a full thread of pictures and updates together as well as go into some detail on how this will be a game changer for 12oz for those that don't immediately see the implications this has. Here's to closing out a long hard year and to setting up a hell of a foundation for 2019!
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