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    One more quickly before my ride arrives...
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    Love those times when you haven’t sketched for ages and when you pick up again something completely new begins to emerge.
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    If only there was a good way to anonymously deliver stink bombs directly to the bums as they chill...
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    I'm still here, my bad for not checking in for a little bit. Been busy doing daily boring life shit. So anyways I got a hold of my landlord and told him about this shit. I was like "calling the cops probably won't do a whole lot" (which is true, this is Miami and the laws here are extremely friendly towards homeless people) hoping they'd have some type of better idea. All he said is that I can call him anytime and he'll call the cops. So not much help there. The cops can literally just tell them to leave, and then they'll be back the next night if not even 5 minutes later. There was a cop sitting out there when I got home today though and there have been no bums to be found. The cop left a while ago but the bums are still missing in action, which is cool. I've been doing the stink bomb thing here and there, but some days they're already out there by the time I get home from work so I'm screwed.
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    On some can’t beat them join them type shit.
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    This reminds me of a story from years ago. My cousin had parked his car overnight in a shitty part of town by some railroad tracks. He was going to fuck some broad in that area so it couldn’t be avoided. Next morning, he finds the cars rear window smashed in and braces for the worst. He had a snowboard in the back seat, bunch of expensive snap on tools in the trunk and an ounce of weed in the spare wheel compartment. Absolutely nothing missing... there were cig butts put out on his dashboard and a half eaten bowl of porridge on the passenger seat. So some bum broke in there to smoke some cigs and eat his breakfast then just peaced out. Some people man lol
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    Getting ready to check out this house im considering to buy. Its not big but it has a fireplace, a dock on the fox river, and a 2 car garage. Not to mention the whole inside has been redone. I could care less about flooding, thats what insurance is for. Perfect bachelor pad in a nice area.
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