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    My name is IOU. I like long walks in dark alleys while spraying rap letters with various types of crack heads, pookie puffers and needle ninjas.. I used to mad oontz, now it's broken. If I heard correctly this just some virtual test lab to see the Rap Letter Sprayers outside of their normal hate on everything enviornment.. Anyways, good to this fucker still alive and kicking. Can't front it definitely play a roll in my life that actually still to this day influences my life. Much appreciated to all the cats at 12oz.. I've seen other graffiti sites and never spent any time or even made an account other 50mm.. I met up with a bunch of random people from here years back which for me was a big thing, cuz fuck people. I used to not do things like that. At all, but that's definitely changed. Made me more comfortable with myself, which had a lot to do with the people I met not being shit bags. Except for Soup, he's a bitch. This place helped to fuel my interest in photography, which is still in my life. I usually don't leave my house without a camera. That slowed my ass down and got me looking at things differently, you know like actually taking in where you're at. Seen a lot people grow from this place. Some didn't of course but we laugh about them later... Through it all definitely made some friends but the one constant has been home slice Sookie.. Mad appreciation and love for her. Freaking Cali, dude is just good people through and through.. That's my words for now. So yeah, I appreciate this place and the mad men behind it. Respect!
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    Chop Suey, and there's enough left for breakfast
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    Fat friend can be the gatekeeper!
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    Sooo the wasps come out like the alien pregnancy scene?
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    The other day I was looking over my tomato plants and found this tomato hornworm with something weird going on: So I searched around. Apparently this is a Braconid wasp larval infestation. These wasps are like some fucked up thing out of aliens; they co-evolved with various DNA viruses which are now part of their genetic structure. The active viruses are only produced in pockets with the wasps eggs, which it injects into the host worm. One virus messes with the worm's immune system so it doesn't attack the eggs that just got oviposited into it. Another screws with metabolism to create compounds beneficial to the larvae. This is late stage here, with the larvae already coming out. Everyone recommended leaving these in / near the plants because the wasps are harmless to people (or so they'd like us to believe) and will kill these worms. This is great for me because I won't douse my plants in neurotoxins, but it's creepy AF nonetheless.
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    Iā€™m sitting on a couple hundred photos of two chicks in booty shorts and thongs with Oolong and a 12oz post it note. Was gonna wait for more active users though. šŸ˜Ž
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    just done a new video and wanted to share with you guys, hope you enjoy. :)
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    Jewelry, flowers, and every date you've ever picked up the tab for was you indirectly purchasing access to pussy. Covering the catering bill at your wedding is basically just part of a downpayment on a lifetime supply.
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    I know this thread is mainly about browsing privacy / anti-tracking in general, and everything @Mercerand others have posted is good advice for that. Another thing to take that concept a bit farther is to tape over or kill the front facing camera on your phone... newer gen phones (2015+) with Marvell SoCs / Hexagon DSPs are including trained neural nets, as are other brands, and although the marketing is off the wall for machine learning right now the entire purpose of these chips in a mobile is to run face / object detection & computer vision more quickly. In exchange for questionable benefits in terms of phone features, you've got something that can spit out your current (guessed) emotional reaction to an advertisement when you look at an ad... via a combination of emotion / gesture identification and pupil direction. Nothing new here, just the ability to do it 10x a second. So when I'm searching for hot granny necro dvda fisting the dedicated neural network chips might notice that I displayed slightly increased excitement when an ad for hot granny necro dvda hoof-fuck pops up, and now I'm getting more horse porn when I was just looking for ordinary granny porn. Pretty much the same things the textual adaptation stuff in google's search does, but now with involuntary (or was it?) reactions. Other biometric recording on the phone is going to be doing this too; motion sensors, audio, etc. Privacy laws such as they are attempt to stop shit that records audio and sends it over the internet randomly, but I don't know that there is any such thing on the device itself, especially when it's transforming the data into part of the effective blackbox that is a neural network. Getting rid of the front facing camera just eliminates one of the primary tools for this, and takes the least effort. šŸ˜›
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    yo i got a clue in my pants, just reach down. do you own a child? because their nifty little fingers are better with the gordian knot i wear as belt
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    Re: What are you doing right now? chocolate and cola is the ONLY kinda combo. :heartbeat:
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