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    So started getting deeper into camo patterns and military surplus and come to realize how hard it's starting to get to find vietnam era or older. In fact, even the chocolate chip stuff from the first gulf war isn't as available as it was. I recall a time when they used to practically give away the woodland camo BDU stuff and now its getting dumb expensive. Been looking for a couple camo grail pieces, including whatever I can get in either medium / long or large long pants in golden tiger stripe and ERDL tropical. Even standard ERDL in my size would be good. Anyhow, would love to get unissued surplus, but now I'm starting to see even heavily warn shit going for as high as $300, which seems insane to me. Again, I remember when you could cop at $5 - $15. Anyone have any good sources, online or local, for authentic military issue surplus? Feel free to post your camo grails below. If its not legit camo, it better be double, extra heavy hitting. golden tiger stripe reference ERDL tropical reference
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    I’m not home this week but I’ll drop a few I think fit the bill next week when I’m back on my desktop. It’s just a pain to make a nice post with a bunch of images and links on my old phone.
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    reversible seal parka - Vietnam era tiger stripe on one side and duck camo on the other
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    LinkedIn: The only place your mom can recommend you for MySQL database experience.
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    Seems like the best case scenario is to get your bike secure enough so that any potential thiefs will glance at it then move along to the next target . Gonna get one small/one medium lock from Ottolock for short commutes where I may stop at a bathroom/run into a liquor store and a kryptonite setup for when I’m locking it up for an hour or two . Thanks @Joker& @RumPuncher !
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    Dang. i eat ass. i dunno what the hell is wrong with me, I just love eating some dude butt. skate fast eat ass. Or something
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    Yes, I love me some good pens. Will share when I get home. on that note I have a new coworker, the first interaction with him I immediately got the feeling he was/is a cop. The way he carried himself, later he told me he used to be a Sherrif out in SF. anyways he stole my good pen. I fucking hate cops.
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    Alright I didnt have time to post them the other day but this was my day at Evo2018 in vegas. Short story long, evo is a fighting game tournament in vegas. I got drunk and entered for street fighter V. I finished something like 247 out of 2500. Just outside of the money. I was hungover for most of my matches. It's pretty nerdy but it's my hobby.
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    I’m sitting on a couple hundred photos of two chicks in booty shorts and thongs with Oolong and a 12oz post it note. Was gonna wait for more active users though. 😎
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    Leaving 3 or 4 sheets of tp on the roll is the same as leaving zero sheets. Fuck you. We live in a society.
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    And of course, there's always this
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    Just cup your hand, fart into it, and quickly throw it to someone's nose- works, lol. I might also suggest opening a shower door or curtain and farting into your target's shower- the steam will do the rest for you. Finally, just fart in front of a fan pointed at your target, or fart and use the hair dryer to give them a hot stinky wind.
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    This story is so stupid. I worked at a smoke shop for 2 years and she started working there. We started dating right as I quit on good terms. We had accounts there you could buy stuff on and pay off later. I came in when she was working and got some stuff and she was going to put it in her as account. I planned to pay later, I'm not a cunt. I had been doing this all the time and never had any problems with bossman. Boss was there and thought she was letting me walk out w stuff. She was already at odds with this guy so she got the boot. I felt bad. The shop was turning me into a misreble bastard and I saw it happening to her so it's good she didn't stay in the end. Now shes taking classes and teaching those wine mom painting classes once or twice a week. I been on a desk job assist type deal and its been pretty stressful even my job is easy. It's just dealing with people that gets annoying. Don't miss working w people zooted out of their heads though
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    For future reference, everyone calls it a "wildflex grafftag paper hitup" now. This will avoid confusion.
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    This is where you reply by sending large amounts of self filmed Hi Res footage you've already uploaded to the interwebz, and demand they use that instead. Hey dude, at least look it over and get back to me with some feedback.
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    Glad to see two of my entries in there. I think I had a couple hundred in the VIP section with two chicks.
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    Another day at the office...
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