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    Wanted to catch an Astros game, so I flew to LA. World Series rematch! LAX. Pre-game. #42 Chilling in my cheap seats. Friends Tommy. Mood. To be continued....
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    Only flick I have taken today - thought it was pretty tight.
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    Fuck that shit. I'm all for making the cops carry nothing but a nightstick and optionally some weak mace, UK style. I bet they'd be amazed at how many people don't shoot at them when they're not pulling out their service pistols at random traffic stops and shit. Yeah, he probably had a not insignificant amount of hearing issues from discharging a fucking 9mm indoors repeatedly, too. Stack on the whole part where the cops dress like something out of a weird German bondage porn from the 80s these days and the naked dude who had run in just ahead of them and I wouldn't have obeyed anything they said if I could hear it very clearly and it was the Buddha and the second coming of Christ at the door. Oh lawd, not visible light! No wonder the cop shot at him, you can get vision damage from looking at a flashlight for several weeks straight. Presumably he fired 4 shots because the first three missed. Well, at least they gave him more shooting lessons and he had the entire 15 days it takes a total sociopath to mentally recover after shooting a human. If the guy who survived Vietnam and just got done dropping a crazed naked man had decided to shoot first and ask questions later, there'd be a lot more bodies but more decent people left alive. ? RIP Gary Black
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    Good show with free drinks all night. Just loud was decent and had some positive vibes. The girl from st. Vincent needs to learn how to blend and mix. Not to hard considering traktor and serato do it for you basically. She did bump some old NIN which was dope. Japanese breakfast always kicks ass. Such a cool band with chill melodies and good lyrics. Definitely worth the wait, i need to get some 12oz media accredation so i don't have to wait in line lol. But all in all it was a free show with free drinks, nice people enjoying the music. I got home safe so i consider that a success. ✌
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    More photos from the game and post game taco street party: VID_24810710_155740_364.mp4 VID_24810710_155740_364.mp4
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    https://www.denverpost.com/2018/08/02/aurora-police-fatal-officer-involved-shooting-hearing-impairment/ The shooting death of 73-year-old Richard “Gary” Black struck a national nerve. The decorated Vietnam veteran and grandfather of four was killed by police after he used his 9mm handgun to kill a naked stranger who kicked in his front door and attacked his 11-year-old grandson. This should have the ACAB and 2A crowd equally fucking livid.
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    Randy Moss ✊?https://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2018/8/5/17653008/randy-moss-nfl-hall-of-fame-tie-police-deaths
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    I found 1 weird trick to instantly make you show up on all the searches. I got this popup immediately: "WOW HOW DO I DO THIS MAGICAL PROFILE FUCKERY AND GET RECRUITERS SLURPING MY NUTS?", you scream incoherently. I added work experience. ? ? ?
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    @SwampFightOner ? The end results sounds like you. https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/j5jjxy/college-student-attempts-to-devour-100-mcchicken-sandwiches-in-24-hours?utm_source=vicefbus
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    Thats just fucking crazy. I feel bad for the kid, I don't think there's ever gonna be enough therapy or meds to get over that shit.
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    Marinating meat and art nerdery
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    good lord i'm starving now. Damn. Also never seen tallboy coozies, fascinating.
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    There's a famous "last quote" from the former CEO of Netscape: "In the absence of data we have opinion. We'll just go with mine." (or something close to that effect.
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    Holy shit Marco, this thread got it's A game back now. gotta bring some heat next time.
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    Studying and sketching away at Starbucks. Followed by Afghan food with the fam
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    It is weird and great that you feel that. You do know how to create that space bc you have already dealt with that space. The space between the first A and the W is the same space you’re dealing with between the second A and the K. Mirror how the first A meets the top of the W to where the W meets the top of second A. Try it like that and try it with your original W. The way the base of the K meets the E shares the weirdness and takes away from the letter form. Why not have it meet the same way the base of the first A meets the base of the W? Keep trying everything and see what visually feels right.
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    I agree 100% that analytics kills creativity, when I worked on political campaigns we had apps like VAN (Voter Activation Network) that your canvassers could select answers to questions you would ask potential voters. based on this data collected you could determine what issues needed to be addressed in your constituency. but what a lot of people fail to recognize is that NUMBERS ARE ABSTRACT TO REALITY!!! sometimes following your intuition is the best road to follow. i believe the reason people value metrics so much is that you have a formula that helped you come to a final decision, and if your decision is wrong you can go back to the data and see where your metrics were off. whereas if you went with your intuition you would be held for full accountability for the success or failure of a decision. i think a 50/50 mix of data and intuition keeps the creativity valid in the decision making process if the information is available. I think the same can be applied to SM which a few of you said above me there's no value being applied to the quality of the reaction......just that fact that there's a reaction is all that matters. Just thinking about this makes me think that this form of interaction with our fellow human beings is only going to lead us into idiocracy and mediocrity. you opinions validity will be determined by the amount of views/clicks rather then the true human response.
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    Just got back from a 4-day trip to the UT/AZ desert....
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    I believe it... I have noticed some people I follow doing a lot of a live streaming this summer. Super mundane every day type stuff and nothing particularly special. I've tuned in a time or two just to check it out and not seeing any big numbers watching it though. Being honest, I still suspect its got more to do with social media fatigue and people looking to try and make it fun than anything else. Couple things I noticed this week though... 1. The notes Facebook published in regards to Instagrams algorithm and how they prioritize posts is absolute bullshit. Their number 1 criteria and most heavily weighted according to them is supposedly based on interaction. Once again, I noticed a glut of Hypebeast and HighSnobiety posts in my feed. Literally 7 - 8 posts in a row, which I have not seen from anyone else (in fact, even two posts in a row from anyone else probably has never happened). Considering I have never like or commented on posts from either of them, this simply proves to me that there are other factors that are more prevalent in how posts are prioritized and that if Instagram / Facebook is going to lie about this from jump street, that I'm not going to trust anything else they have to say either. 2. That user engagement, at least according to their version of it is surprisingly balanced. That no doubt Hypebeast and Kim Kardashian seem to get a zillion likes and a million comments, but if you figure out it based upon percentage of followers, its falls well within the ballpark of what I do with 12oz and what I see the average joe person receive. This was a pretty big surprise to me actually as I expected higher engagement levels, especially from larger commercial accounts that you can likely assume are gaming the system since their feeds are run like a business. --------- Think I already got into this - can't remember since I've had the conversation with a few people as well - but I can tell you guys this... Historically 12ozProphet has done far better with product sales back via the forum than we have with social media. Admittedly causation does not necessarily equal correlation and I'll be the first to admit a lot more has changed than the introduction of social media... but at a time when we had 750 - 1000 members logged into the forum (perhaps 2000 total users. mind you logged in was defined as someone that actually logged in within the last handful of hours), which in turn represented about 16,000 active users (defined as members that had logged in the previous 7 days), that we did roughly 10x more sales on average than I see during the average successful release now. What this tells me is that the actual value of social media followers is exceedingly low. 12ozProphet has almost 55,000 users on Instagram. Our most successful posts will garner about 1200 likes. This converts to under 2.5% of our followers actually liking our posts, and thats the successful ones. Factoring in for fake followers that run bots to build their own followers, that still is unbelievably low. Now I also recognize that with the *curated* feeds, a significant portion aren't even seeing our posts, despite making the effort to follow. Regardless, it proves to me that despite how easy it is to post, the return on that minimal effort / investment is hardly worth it. Now considering the focus here is simply getting a follower to double tap an image, it becomes exponentially less when the goal is to get them to comment. Not that there's really anything to gain there considering most the time a comment winds up being an emoji or an acronym (LOL, SMH, etc) it really drives home the point. Ultimately the goal is to generally to convert to sales or at least traffic / exposure so you can imagine how poor those numbers end up being (especially when you can't put links in captions or make clickable posts (only stories if you have a business account). Exception is shoppable posts and who wants to lay a bet that this feature will not be free for too much longer? I suspect the only reason its still free is that the conversion to sales is so low, that few would actually pay for it. Likewise, with social media registration numbers tanking and even usage plateauing at best or declining at worst, it makes sense to leave this alone for the time being. Again, this begs the question... Social media isn't really engaging in the traditional definition of the word. It doesn't begin to compare to the engagement we saw back in the day where kids were literally on the forums for hours at a time, or even compared to the time on site numbers we see here now. It's mostly a place where people spend their idle team from what I see. It fills those empty minutes throughout the day, so that maybe someone checks in 25x a day, but rarely for more than a couple minutes. Meanwhile, though the effort / investment is very low, the return on that investment has become increasingly poor, despite being pretty terrible to begin with. I know most users aren't creating video edits and motion graphics for their feeds the way a lot of commercial accounts do, but I still see individuals putting a lot of effort into photos or thought in general to help make their feed cool. We're handing over content, then allowing these companies to monetize it through advertising, then monetize it further with analytics data and yet again by selling off individual private information (profiles). Pretty crazy that it hasn't altogether collapsed since it really has gotten hard to find the redeeming bits to it. I can only assume that people are still hooked into the idea of being *connected* and that the reality is that there just isn't any real alternative to fill that want. --------- This being said, there's about a dozen, maybe a dozen and a half of you that I've noticed have been extra active these last weeks after a pretty long hiatus. I won't call out specific users, but I have seen the same names pop up almost every time I look at the online list under activity. I'm curious how many of you guys have pulled away from Instagram or social media in general since rediscovering the forum or has it simply supplemented that usage?
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    It all makes sense now
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    Kitty whales pee is sterile and she gets hypo when she drinks booze. Think she fell preggers from pre-cum once as well.
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    I fucking agree 100% Takes an ignorant motherfuck to disagree with Darwin.
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    Welcome back. Fucking great read.
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    I have not seen a long john silvers since i was a kid
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    My new building is 6 units, and basically all my neighbors are cool so we all get together and hang out. Hosted a brunch at our place that ran from 2pm through 6:30PM which basically consisted of one giant non-stop meal for the day. Some of us went running afterwards to burn off all the food & alcohol. I don't take pictures much anymore myself but one of my my neighbors shared these on the group chat.
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    JA Repetition Graffiti by Inkhead NYC, on Flickr
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    Picked up an Ebbets Field vintage Army ball cap. Good quality, made in USA. Bit pricey though. Wanted to check them out as a possibility for a 12oz ballcap, but there’s not enough options for the trims and design. Basically only allows for an appliqué on the front. Anyhow, curious how many might be interested in a 12oz ball cap. @glorydays @6Pennies ?
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