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    a rug would be fucking baller NBHD x FUCT came out with the one rug I was too slow to cop
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    4pins is owned and run by Complex. Likely Mero was actually a part of it since he works for Complex.
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    I would suggest a little more sketching practise before painting. At the moment i would suggest posting in the toy thread and learning your letter and flow better, you definitely don't need the crown. On a positive note there is some consistency in your letter structure/bar widths Quick mini canvas for a local writer
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    Recently got my lady to do a women's firearms course for a day. Started out .22 pistol/rifle and was then free to browse through an assortment of firepower brought by various instructors... know she shot a big game rifle and a S&W revolver. First time shooter, said she liked the S&W best because she felt like Dirty Harry. Can't be mad about that. Came in at the end and had her fire these before leaving (not mine), looked pretty sexy dropping 3 round bursts.
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    I'm seriously considering actually opening a second online shop integrated with the next forum platform that would allow for a more diverse range of stuff. The main 12oz shop is very specific and 100% brand related product. I was thinking of a swap meat type "official bootleg series" shop my friend brought up to me, for the purpose of opening it up to more stuff including maybe a platform for some of you guys to sell on as well. I'm also sitting on deadstock from way back in the four the hard way days that I'd love to offer, but feel it doesn't sit right along side the stuff on the main 12oz shop. Anyhow, just a concept I'm exploring that will likely see the light of day. And yes, would love to do more sneaker collabs and suspect those opportunities will present themselves once we have a little more momentum. Still trying to get the house in order, so to speak. Also working on closing a pretty big deal that'll be a game changer as far as resources available and how ambitious I can get moving forward. I'm close... And will definitely loop you guys in on the forum once I get there.
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    I have two out from the library in hopes to establish a working routine for myself to overcome a lot of self-doubt and improve my productivity. Picked up 'Daily Rituals' from the post above. Dig that it's an easy, casual read. Going to get into this this week, see what I can't pull from it. These kind of go hand-in-hand with the social media thread; evaluating how I spend my time and how to get shit done like a normal functioning person. Otherwise been reading some Kurt Vonnegut for leisure.
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    Would love to do a rug. Actually have a note about that saved for the future after seeing Supreme release a few basic ones. Kaws has done them as well and always thought it would be cool.
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    If you are planning anything with any sneaker companies that would be sick. As a massive sneakerhead that would be amazing (I saw the Instagram post with the wet look Nike sb). As for content it's difficult, what made it so special was the community and how we all drove the forum forward. I really like the stuff on the store, some of the tees have been amazing so more merch definitely. Maybe a design submitted contest for a few design or pin design? Hopefully I'll be much more active soon as will have a laptop soon and not just rely on my phone.
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