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  1. Damn someone sent out a bat signal. Travelled , painted, took a break from it all to buy a Tesla. Moved to the suburbs of the east bay. Curating still, fell off blogging , living life, I can’t complain it’s all good in the hood.
    5 points
  2. @rayvelcro He is on IG. just got a new cabin in the woods set up that has internet, he said he'd keep us updated. Time will tell.
    2 points
  3. Glad you saw my message. Welcome back. Can't wait to see the new thread. A Transcend reunion thread in the future? (please)
    2 points
  4. Haha. I maintained secret for about 6 years, know of a few who still do and a couple with TS. I have to assume the widespread nature of social media has changed how clearance investigations are done.
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