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    whats up you fags... checking in even though nobody probably remembers me lol. IG killed 12oz, its sad to say.. I miss this place for sure tho. lots of funny shit buried in a lot of these threads, got to link with a lot of writers from 12oz too. I wish it would pick back up, we need a place like 12oz that's only graffiti oriented unlike Instagram. theres a level of community on 12oz you cant get on other sites.
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    Thanks, just cleaned the grammar up in that post a little. It's funny going back and reading it, didn't think I was that passionate about this topic. Reminds me of the days I'd try to convince non believers graffiti was the most important art movement of all times. I had this shpiel that included "You're wrong, what get's destroyed? If anything, the train cars will only rust slower."
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    Like you said, It's politics as usual. The Rohingya plight is real but yeah, our one-liner, headline news of it is politics as usual. Suu Kyi does not currently control the military (Tatmadaw). A member of her party was elected to look better to the west. To look like there is progress. However, there is a general misunderstanding of the Muslim population by the Buddhists in Burma by the Burmese. Maybe a historical action that still holds a bitter taste by them? I haven't read either books though.
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    Pffft..., least my data well hung though.
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