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  2. I decided to make a new thread dedicated to san francisco busflow in brick slayers since transit is pretty much dead in frisco nowadays.... alot of flix taken from my IG... MORE 2 COME
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  4. This is a subject I've been very interested in lately. After finding financial success and building a little net worth, I've considered moving closer to my family in Upstate NY, hoarding precious metals and weapons just incase. I've thought to myself, if shit really goes down to where people start trading gold & silver again there will be absolutely nothing in place to stop someone from taking said precious metals from me. If society ever collapses to a barbaric state, your only hope is to have enough off grid infrastructure around to remain self sufficient, and enough weapons in place to remain that way. When our system inevitably collapses, I honestly don't think it will devolve into violent apocalyptic chaos. Like many other financial collapses in modern times, there will still be the more fortunate people, and the natural system always established to keep them fortunate. One's best hope is to have the proper assets in place to remain in the more fortunate crowd after the collapse. While I think things like gold, and silver will have value no matter what the situation, it's probably more important to own things like land, durable goods, and items that will actually useful in a famine economy. This is why I've been investing heavily in cryptocurrencies over the last 2 years. Honestly, You can't fly to another country, or even move around within the country realistically holding a significant amount gold. Even now, there's things like asset forfeiture and other risks in place that make bringing your wealth with you extremely risky. If you want to take your crypto with you, in most cases all you'll need is to remember a 12 word phrase. These things are designed to function in a trustless system, meaning there's no need to ever trust anyone a banks, or government to retain your capitol and it's value. The best part about them is how much these investments have grown recently, and the fact that we're on the cusp of them going somewhat mainstream. If there's no collapse, I've put myself in a better financial position. If there is a huge collapse, I'll be prepared to continue in comfort. I wish I would have listened to Casek back in the day, who's probably a bitcoin millionaire right now. If anyone is interested in learning how/why these currencies actually work, I've put together a playlist of videos that describe the technology behind these systems in detail at Here's a sample:
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  5. We learned a long time ago that they get it from big buds
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  6. Thanks, yeah... If anyone is truly interested in economics, I suggest this book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/047052670X/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Honestly its so simple, a 6th grader can easily wrap their heads around. Once you start to unravel the secrets, you quickly begin to see that its purposefully made complicated as there's a handful of people making a shit ton of money off it and the last thing they want is for the masses to see what a scam it is or how much of it is dependent on duping the average person to maintain a very fucked up system. Example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keynesian_economics is basically the answer you get that essentially boils down to a debt based economy. That ironically, the success is tied to the predictable and exponential growth of debt as a measuring stick for how 'healthy' the economy is. On a related note, our currency, is a promissory note... Its not actually a container of value, but rather an increment of debt... Many years ago, an elite group of bankers and industry tycoons got together and decided that rather that have true currency backed by precious metal, that instead they'd issue promissory notes that are increments of debt. Metals backed currency meant at any time, you could go to the bank and exchange your paper currency for a set amount of precious metal. Later it meant that this new private group would instead change some wording on the currency and restructure the game so that each note meant you were borrowing the amount from them and agree to pay it back with whatever interest they set via the Federal Reserve (misnomer as it is privately owned and not a branch of Government). This group can print up as much of it as they want at anytime, with essentially no oversight and little accountability as they are protected from Government audit and all of us by default agree to pay this back, plus interest. Since interest is built in by default and the only acceptable method to pay it back is more of the same currency, it's obviously impossible to ever pay this debt back (due to the interest accumulated). In order to service this debt at all, you need more of the currency (and thus more debt), in a never ending cycle of exponential debt. Because we don't service this debt directly, nobody really thinks about it. Meanwhile the banks are money at a certain interest rate and in turn, loaning it to you at a higher interest rate, which in turn trickles into all aspects of our lives and drives the cost of all monetary transactions up. Every single time you make a credit card purchase, new money enters the system out of thin air which inflates the system further, without even the trouble of printing up a promissory note. When you follow it to its absolute conclusion, essentially the Federal Reserve is bleeding a small percentage of value from every single transaction, every single time one takes place. You can obviously see how its a doomed system as eventually you reach a point of unsustainablity where its no longer possible to service the debt. Likewise, you also run into issues with rigging the game. Think about a game of monopoly where the player gets to be the bank and at anytime can draw from the bank or print more money. Every other player is eventually doomed to loose. In real life the Federal Reserve will change rules such as reducing the interest rate to zero so that they can keep the charade going, or buy bad debt with money they can print up (or these days add as a line item on a spreadsheet) and when things pickup, sell it back to us (new debt) so that the whole thing continues a little while longer. All the while, we'll sit and scream at China for manipulating their currency to make them more competitive in the global markets, while we're the undisputed champion in money manipulation. Yet behind closed doors, china will buy our debt with their own manipulated money pumping new energy into our market so the game can continue on a little longer. It doesn't become notable until a country calls in its tab and requests payment. When this happens, payment is done in the transfer of gold bars. If you dig deep enough through news, you can sometimes find articles that go into all kinds of complicated detail about how a payment wasn't able to be made or is being delayed.
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  7. I hear that satellite internet can be pretty competitive in terms of cost vs. cable modem. I'm in the same boat in terms of rural internet at the new place I recently acquired. I'd say as long as you're using the internet to do just basic things like surf and check email you'll be fine w/ satellite. Netflix and streaming services might be down graded to lower resolutions on slower connections but if you haven't already watched everything you wanted to watch on the streaming services, what are you doing with your life. Short of using satellite you're looking at using an LTE hot spot from your phone provider which could provide you with decent transfer rates depending on your proximity to a tower but most plans involve data caps and then a downgrade of your transfer rate after the cap is reached. I recently got google fiber installed at the house I'm renting in town and have been enjoying 940+ mb/sec down and 970+ mb/sec up. I've been wrecking noobs on street fighter 5 streaming on twitch.... which is something you won't be doing on any kind of "compromised" internet speed offered by the slower cable plans and satellite. Source: I've been fucking with computers and networking for a long time. Edit: Rick and Morty sucks. I think it's a show that millenials like because it's these small quick servings of humor. Some of it is pretty funny but a lot of it has me thinking to myself "people think this shit is funny?" I admit I have only endured a few episodes.
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  8. The new products are pretty awesome and I'm definitely impressed with the quality of the new book and the t-shirts. I have the new Flint shirt and it's already one of my favorite t-shirts.
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