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  1. Yea well if I ever catch u on any roof I plan on painting&I catch u up there &your not anybody from LORDS...then I will cut upside down crosses in your hands&throw u off the rooftop
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  2. So, bringing things back to graffiti and all....
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  3. just saw this... i have the same problem. satellite it only good if you're in am area that has gen 5 service. even then it capped, so it sucks. My workaround is that T-Mobile has an uncapped data plan for for tablets (believe its high speed for the first 10gb before being throttled back to 2mbps. If you get the international package, they uncap your high speed data and you get the benefit of free roaming globally. That's unlimited data anywhere the thing gets a signal. In my area, I can get a steady 13 - 30mbps on T-Mobile which is comparable to DSL (you can stream Netflix) and upside is
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