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    Pinzgauer's are awesome. There a place out east that restores and sells them I'm partial to the Volvo C303 body design. Parts for both are a bitch to come by, but both can be had for about 20k working. Unimogs are also pretty good and have a much wider following in the states than a pinz or C303. If I won the lotto I would hire a financial advisor and figure out how to live only on the interest accrued from the money but I'd dip in at the start and do these things>>> buy a house in the east bay hills. Along Skyline Blvd or deeper in but not as far as Alamo or bullshit like that. Let my parents and in laws retire. Aside from that get the wife one of those Teslas and sell her prius. Maybe get myself a dedicated track bike. Guns. Travel. I'm a simple man with simple dreams.
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    An apache helicopter, there's just so many fun scenarios i can play out in my mind if i had a helicopter.
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    I'd hire cope to take over my 12oz screen name and do all my posting for me.
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