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  1. I swear I could give you a hug man. You are actually starting simple. Only thing I would say is go a bit simpler (the B and the E in particular). Also, if you run through an alphabet, try to stick with all caps or all lowercase for now. Only other thing is do it 361546874354684 times, you are ahead of the game running through full alphabets instead of a name right now (at least from what you posted, I don't know what you do with your free time), that's how people who stick with it wind up with top notch hands.
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  2. that rope stuff gets incredibly complicated mainly it makes me think that i'm lucky to not require that level of preparation and what seems like a long time just to get off i always remember the savage love where a guy loved throwing pies as part of his sex fantasy. it took a lot of set-up work, so he and the wifey only did it rarely. he was lucky to have a GGG wife too.
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  3. So, a small update on my car. The bigger turbo rips like you wouldn't believe. I used my last quarterly bonus to buy a Quaife ATB and almost have that installed in the transmission. I'm doing all the work myself as I recently learned how to rebuild transmissions and purchased the tools to do so in my garage. The biggest part of it is a shop press to push the bearing races off the gear clusters. I should have some good go pro videos of racing "on the mexican highway" soon to share. I also purchased a 1989 Dodge Colt GT last month that's fully built with a turbo on it good for about 500hp when it's turned up. It's on low boost right now because it needs to be tuned still and I'm focusing on the red car. The colt looks like this: It's a little shit box that makes way too much horsepower and tries to switch three lanes from torque steer when boost comes on.
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