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  1. Are you talking the acute irritability that comes while hungover, or just a general feeling that's difficult to pinpoint the cause of? I still get roadrage like a motherfucker, and I still can be 'snappy' at times. I think that's part of being human in a society that sucks in many ways. I'm so tired of people's carelessness, and that's generally what will cause my anger issues to flare up. Skateboarding helps immensely for me, and I'd assume any exercise would yield a similar result. I've also been dabbling with some of the philosophies behind mindfullness. More specifically, letting shit
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  2. That lady's mom is the ultimate troll. "I will adopt a kid into my black family and raise her to believe she is black and then on my death bed i will break the news to her and then die immediately after so she won't be able to ask any questions." On a side note, in the same article they had a video of the white girl that pretended to be black and they are asking her questions about her hair. What the fuck?! Ask her wtf was going through her head and if she will give all her money back to the people she pretended to be. Wench.
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