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    Here is a cool old railroad worker's safety film released by Union Pacific in 1972, probably made in 1968 or so from the looks of the cars.. It kind of reminds me of those horribly boring films we were required to watch in junior high school, with a funky, "jazzy" 1960 sound track and awful, outdated fashions and hair styles. You'll love the hair styles on the girls--major hair spray, and very bouffant. The way the railroad workers are dressed is almost EXACTLY the way they dressed in 1970 when I first started catching out, and many tramps imitated this style (overalls, steel-toed work boots, etc.) in an effort to blend in culturally with the car knockers and switchmen. The idea was if you dressed like they did, they were less likely to rat you out.
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    Here's another one, very similar, but from the Santa Fe Railroad, now Burlington Northern Santa Fe Similar stuff--how to mount/ dismount a ladder/stirrup, hazards in the yard and so on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFftm3bXNOs
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    Yup. Your idea is stupid and you've clearly picked an artist whose primary concern is taking your dollars, not giving you a good tattoo. Which, if you're insistent on combining all that shit into one tattoo, cannot be executed well. Cut all the graffiti bullshit out, cut out the paper airplane, cut the text, and get a panther or other large cat with some roses, a grim reaper, a shark, or some skulls.
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    i went spot searching yesterday and had to do a bit of bushwhacking, upon my return home i went to shower and found a tic on my arm and balls... now everytime i feel an itch or tickle i get paranoid haha
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    Also about those hearng aid batteries - Went into a RiteAid and said I sent my girl to buy watch batteries and she came home with those. Exchanged for AA w no receipt and got my refund from Amazon as well.
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    Case, wrist strap, battery, 3 rolls film included. HYPED.
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    Get a haircut hippie!! LOL...jk. i think the footbed might be the same as the beer cozy material they use for their flip flops...i would post a pic just like yours but my toenails are on some long ass razor blade shit right now.
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    Welcome to Ch.0! Seedy dive bar of the net
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    found this camp in a tunnel under the tracks in my city.. lots of scribes on the wall some that dated back to the 40s really cool to find that ive been back a couple times to hang out and once to paint but i only paint in spots where i would not cover any of the etchings..
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    Not a chance in hell I'd be caught in public with those.
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    I was benching this last Friday. Had a Mexican gang member roll up. He was a Norteno. How do I know that you ask? Because he insisted on showing me his horrible jail tats. My whole interaction with him was really odd. He didn't try starting any problems and just wanted to tell me about some cousin who got hit by a train. Now he hates Union Pacific. I patted him on his back. For real, I did. An Ich rolled by at the same time. I explained to him that he was all over the country. He rolled out after that. Was weird.
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    This has nothing to do with open minds. You're saying that because someone doesn't like your idea they have a closed mind. I'll apply Godwin's Law immediately: Do you like Hitler's ideas? No? Well then you're closed minded... There is a difference between timeless and cliche. You don't have an open enough mind to understand. Also, you are terrible at explaining things. Is the tattoo image above being added onto or is it the inspiration for what you want? Are you adding graffiti text (which is retarded) to that script style? Why would you do that? Is your arm a collection of fonts you found on Etsy that you like?
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    Remembering how fuckin badass Rufio was while drinking two 32s of Pabst. RU-FI-OOOOOOOHHHHHH!
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    I bought some Goddamn these bad boys are cozy
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