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  1. for my harlem line riders
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  2. reasons i don't own a car i'd rather do most of my own maintenance or none at all. dunno if i'll ever trust that i'm not being taken for a ride
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  3. I do most if not all my car work that I can. Having a Lift in the fam helps. Had transmission issues on my Elantra when my gears were not working right (manual). Called around and got quoted 400 bucks for a rebuild and a used replacement. Dismantled the manual trans after replacing clutch to find that I had broke a small pin on my linkage that helped change gears. It was a .57 cent pin. Called around. No trans shops carried it and only 3 dealerships in the US had it in stock. Trans shop said I could just use a coat hanger wire..... If I didnt do the work myself I would of wasted 400 bucks for some shmuck to put a coat hanger in my transmission.... Its not a job but I tend to check out some used cars for sale. My 02 Elantra is a great car so I usually scout out any local deals to see if theyre worth it. Some shmuck an hour from me had a black one that looked good in the photos.... SHowed up and played the game but this dude was trying to hustle the piece of crap to me as we test drove it. I countered all his remarks but at the end of the day I wanted to just look at him and say "I just pulled up in the same car that youre trying to sell! Do you really think Im an idiot?" I had a more substantial experience but I cant remember after my rant....
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