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  1. for my harlem line riders
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  2. reasons i don't own a car i'd rather do most of my own maintenance or none at all. dunno if i'll ever trust that i'm not being taken for a ride
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  3. I do most if not all my car work that I can. Having a Lift in the fam helps. Had transmission issues on my Elantra when my gears were not working right (manual). Called around and got quoted 400 bucks for a rebuild and a used replacement. Dismantled the manual trans after replacing clutch to find that I had broke a small pin on my linkage that helped change gears. It was a .57 cent pin. Called around. No trans shops carried it and only 3 dealerships in the US had it in stock. Trans shop said I could just use a coat hanger wire..... If I didnt do the work myself I would of wasted 400 bucks for
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