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  1. 100% has the right idea, wholesale anything rules. if you can get wholesale prices on stops rust black and white that's really all you need for lasting panels - my friends use the adapters and swear by them, their trains come out fine. i was all-rusto too, but earlier this year, i went the wholesale route from one of the big paint manufacturers - if you come to them with a dollar amount, especially over $1000, they'll listen. shop around too. in the end i got about 700 cans of paint for rock-bottom shipping and some extra gear/other goodies. definitely a good move. keep in mind tha
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  2. Do some work. Getting a business licenses is not hard at all. You do not need a store front to deal with wholesalers, You need to be a business. By getting a business licenses, you will get a tax exemption ID also. Macphearsons or any wholesaler will definitely work with you. You should be on a business start up forum looking into how to do things legally (like you say you want to do) instead of on a graffiti forum asking people what you should stock. Sounds like your running for the fences before you started to crawl.
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