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  1. Someone ripped stayout: Some dope footage panels there...
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  2. Well fuck I guess the down side of legal weed has shown it's face No more asking your weed guy for acid You gotta troll CP sites... You sick fuck.
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  3. after a 8 or 9 year hiatus of 12 oz saw this thread and finally felt like posting. i have finally quit heroin and methadone after an 11 year habit of 3 to 4 grams a day , the only thing i miss really is the hustle i was living in northern california and heroin is pretty easy to get i might add towards the end i was also mainlining ice and my habit eventually landed me on the streets which was terribly depressing . so i decided to do something with myself my girl bless her heart would jst cry her eyes out when she saw me and eventually it ripped us apart which sent me down the tubes i remeber doing gram shots trying to kill myself i was torn up mentally physically emotionally . my girl begged me to move back to tennessee she would bring me food clothing let me stay at her house sometimes and was just down for a nigguh when i needed her .. so two months ago i moved back here to tennessee been clean and im just doing me ive eliminated all old friends and using buddies and people who used to buy drugs from me . heroin stole my family friends and the love of my life from me luckily shes loyal as fuck and still has something to do with me ,,, this is a brief summary im glad to be clean feels good
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