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    that sober is tight, but what the fucks up with the Mover tag 20 feet above it?!
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    ive been dead and all I can say is theres no fucking bright lights, more like a tv screen when turned off.
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    coffee and death metal
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    Why am I posting photos of the maritime museum? The cars are all on the wrong side by the way First legit graf I see in town, yeah The night train back south.
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    Stayed at acquaintances. Yeah. The Caledonian Sleeper to Aberdeen and back. The best sleep I've had on a night train ever. Here's waking up to the rolling hills already in Scotland. Expectations Reality Romantic They say the unemployment rate in Aberdeen is the lowest in the UK A very Scottish street Very Scottish Very Scottish Signs, signs everywhere. This was really strange and unusual for me, not used to signs being posted everywhere, telling this, telling that... Very dangerous. Suddenly roads closed, police everywhere. What's going on? People running, camera crew shooting, someone in the middle carrying something that looks like a torch that hasn't been lit. That's the star of the show. Hey hey the guy is waving at me whoa hey. A bus full of policemen ensuring the torch that has not been lit is safe. Hmm. Back to town. The council estates. Sum graf. Things looking dangerous How intimidating
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