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  1. Last Monday, at 8am, I rear ended a car. Right by my building. Technically my fault but fuck that bitch and her dtiving. Her car was fine - barely a scratch but she called 911 while screaming and crying. Psycho Asian. My car was wrecked but driveable. Anyway, I got a DUI. When I got released from the station, I walked from bar to bar, drinking until each bar refused to serve me. I went a week without drinking but I had a constant lump in my throat. I drank a 26er of Jameson last night in shots and woke up late for work today. The point was to gather the courage to kill myse
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  2. The part when he dresses up as an old lady and tries to talk the guard into letting him out. :lol: Weird cause I was watching Ernest goes to Africa the other week. RIP jim varney. Mike rowe looks like jim varney. Bobby's world had the best opening theme.
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