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    hey guys, been awhile! I was also interviewed about my graffiti photos. https://vimeo.com/87814708
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    Not feeling the bottom curve bar on the B with this one, not to mention the verticle bar looked way fatter after I inked it. Did the M differently this time though to try to get it going with the rest.
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    Toys have really gotten good over time. This used to be stick figures and crayons. This is all impressive!
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    Truth is its a rookie mistake to run before you can walk. When i started in the 90's i wanted to do what I saw in the Bronx and in magazines/books etc but that was done by the masters and I could barely catch a tag. Effects are cool but if all you're doing is dressing up a piece a shit at the end end of the day its still a piece of shit. Letters, letters, letters then when you think you can't take it anymore DO MORE LETTERS! Put the tricks aside and focus on honing the letter science of graffiti from balancing letter bars to figuring out every possible flow and connection for your name. Every letter should look like it belongs with the others not just a bunch of letters thrown together to say a name. Its about finding style through balance and flow. Thats the best advice I can give anyone starting out.
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