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  1. Even so. being an ignorant homophobe means you're a piece of human trash compared to the gayest of gays.
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  2. New York was a very different place in the 1980s. Throughout America, and the world, it had a reputation for being a crime-riddled, dirty metropolis – one much changed from its bustling, mid-twentieth century prime. And nowhere was this more evident than on the city’s subway trains and platforms. Once the pride of Manhattan and the boroughs, the network had become a virtual no-go area both at night and during the day. Indeed, even a cursory glance at crime statistics shows us that in 1985 there were approximately 14,000 underground felonies – a far cry from today’s approximate 2,000. But to
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  3. I used to have a 91 accord Cops busted a pregnant hooker driving it They think a john gave it to her instead of $ Picked it up from the tow yard and shit had: 1) a large pepperoni pizza in the back seat, lid open, baking in the sun of the tow lot with all the windows up 2) a used condom on the floor in the back 3) a bunch of stolen baby clothes from walmart in the trunk, sensors and price tags still on them I thought I would never see that car again. I figured it had been driven to Tijuana
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