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    2.99 posts a day. Took a long enough time to get down to a respectable level. I was hovering 6 when I decided to get help.
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    Oh what complete rubbish. Putin is a brutal autocrat who uses many of the remaining pillars of the old Soviet system to dominate the country and stifle democracy. The Pussy Riot debacle is symptomatic of his whole approach. There's still a statue of Marx or Lenin every twenty yards in Moscow, still red stars over the Kremlin, there has been no repudiation of the past there and so the past lingers on. It's incredibly patronising to think that people in non or psuedo democratic countries don't want democracy, they do, they want to express their 'own point of view, their culture, their values' and it's thugs like Putin which prevent it not the West. Have you been following the news in Ukraine at all? Do you know anything about Russia at all? I do, I'm half Estonian, I speak Russian, I have lots of Russian friends. It's cultural imperialism on your behalf to think that everything is about America or caused by America or some plot by America, it's not. People in Russia want freedom of expression for their own sake, not because the wicked West wants to impose it on them. There's nothing 'supposedly liberal' about the USA and Europe - they are liberal - in its broader sense - and that's what Putin is scared of. During the cold war, leftists in the West habitually assumed that people living under Red Army imposed communist occupation in Eastern Europe actually enjoyed it and wanted it and prospered under a superior system - in reality millions turned out onto the streets to overthrow their moribund, Russian backed puppet regimes as soon as they could do so without being machine gunned in the gutters. Today people like you claim that supporting the Pussy Riot girls is somehow participating in an 'information war' against Russia. Russia has no need of foreign countries besmirching its reputation, it does that all by itself by its relentless bullying of its neighbours, support for appalling regimes in Syria and Iran abroad and corruption, cronyism and repression at home. I rejoice that those two are free but nothing has changed in Russia and nothing will till Putin goes and people like you actually support freedom for people other than yourself.:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Hell no. Went early, even took the train to go back to work, and now going back to my original spot. tpbm farted really loud on public transportation at least once, and couldn't pass it off like they didn't know about it.
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    I might of posted this already.... I was taking BART when I was about 14. End of the line into Berkeley to work at Gilman Street. Here are some visuals to help: So anyway, my friend and I were on our way to Berkeley when we noticed a woman freaking out. Crying, sobbing, drooling...just totally out of it. She screamed "it hurts! It hurts!" and while everyone decided to ignore, my friend and I were like "What can we do? What hurts?". She kept going in and out of consciousness, so we decided to get her off the train and on to the platform. She smelled horrible...kinda like dairy and alcohol. She had not 1, not 2, but 3 plastic bottles of half drunken vodka. While my friend decided to get kinda preachy and tell her not to drink right now, I knew it was too late. She looked like her face exploded and everything was puffy - even her finger tips. I knew she was going to die. She stopped talking and laid down. Again, no one doing anything. I sat with her while my friend called for help. I can't be 100% sure but I'm pretty sure she stopped breathing. I couldn't believe alcohol basically killed this woman right in front of me - she had to be about 35 too. We saw the BART police come up on the platform. We didn't want to talk to the cops and were already emotional from the whole situation. We hopped on the next train and didn't say much until we got to Berkeley.
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    Wow I'm bugging out. This thread is the first I heard of this and JT was actually an old friend of mine. We used to smoke weed and do bad graffiti when we were 14. He lived in this huge apartment building in boston that was a pretty legendary spot to paint and drink and do whatever. We used to be able to just walk up there whenever and find people painting or a party happening. Drunk girls all over the place and no one ever called the cops. Anyway it was awesome and I'm super sad to hear this news. Even though we went different ways and hadn't talked in years(beyond a couple messages on here)- I still have mad love for JT and always wished him the best. So if anybody on here has any more info on how and when he passed I'd really appreciate a PM. I just hope he was happy at the end. Anyway thanks. RIP JT
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    I think the correct answer to this question is Evil D & Buckshot
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    IDK. I got 749xx. Ran out of gas before
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    I don't have even nearly enough cred to care.... The question then becomes, how much is enough to care.
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