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  1. Sorry for the stupid filters, I only had my phone.... And yes....I went to American Loan and Jewelry. I couldn't help myself.
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  2. Can't get enough lately. French Black Metal on repeat. Also went to Stella Natura this year: Avoided all lame folk: Aerial Ruin Aldebaran Aluk Todolo Amarok Arktau Eos Ash Borer Amber Asylum Bell Witch Blood and Sun Blood Axis Blood of Kvasir Burial Hex Circulation of Light Changes Common Eider, King Eider CoRE C.O.T.A Dispirit Esoteric Fauna Fell Voices Fire + Ice The Fools Funerary Call Jarboe with P. Emerson Williams Hail Halo Manash Hell Hooded Archer Hexvessel Ironwood Kinit Her Knelt Rote Knotwork L'Acephale The Lindbergh Baby Loss Lux Interna Maledicere Menace Ruine Merkstave Mournful Congregation Munly & The Lupercalians Novemthree Pale Chalice Poison Ring Pyhä Koulema River Ruhr Hunter Sabbath Assembly Sangre de Muerdago Saturnalia Temple Sere Service Sect Slim Cessna's Auto Club StarGazer The Sterling Sisters Sutekh Hexen Trepaneringsritualen Tuhkankantajat Velnias Voice of Eye Vradiazei Waldteufel Weightlessness Wolvserpent Will O' The Wisp Wolfskin Worm Ouroboros this was the stage:
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  3. first anything in a wicked long time (at least a year.) comments appreciated.
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  4. Met him several years ago on halloween in Santa Barbara. He told me he was looking for a fight. About five minutes later he was wailing on two frat boys until cops ripped him off of them and told us to take a walk. Crazy ass night to say the least. Rest in peace dude.
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