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  1. What's good and what's in your pockets? Nothing, wearing yoga pants. MOMxLYFE!
    2 points
  2. LG once again sets out to scare the living shit out of people!
    1 point
  3. smdoublebubble, I like that. And tanks for checking in on me and my old man ailments. Welcome back Cali! Dear world, stop judging me because i'm not working. there's more to life. Eventually I'm sure I'll get some random shitty job and then you will all get on my case for not having a "real job" I'm doing me. DEAL WITH IT.
    1 point
  4. When French cock suckers phone me wanting everything for free and talking to me like im 4 years old. Fuck you.
    1 point
  5. bumping my old thread am I the only one with a tattoo of a pizza?
    1 point
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