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    a lot more "sort of" than "true" history in the late 80s and early 90s, i got caps off of kitchen magic, spray and wash, testors model paint and liquitex. krylon spray adhesive i think had them too if i remember correctly. alternating caps was an idea that was discovered, not invented. graffiti.org was launched in 1984 by susan ferrell in and was the first graffiti website. i know because i was there, in her apartment when she explained it to me and i was like "inter what???". and like someone already said, the internet was around wayyy before that. the history of retrofitting caps dates back to the early 1970s. Shortly after the idea of the masterpiece was invited, writers realized they could paint faster if they could increase the width of the paint stream. writers in various parts of the city (probably independent of one another) began liberating caps off of their moms spray starch and "voila", the age of the fat cap was ushered in. the fat cap became your fillin device and the stock cap became the outline device. this was standard practice for about 10 years. In around 1984, the FC/TC5/IBM/FBA family of crews discovered the liquitex cap (known today as the NY Thin) their pieces began to appear on the lines with extra fine crispness. A crispness that had not been seen before in the writing community. for years they kept this cap a trade secret. i know personally when i used to see West, Emad, Koze and other pieces from this group of crews, i thought for sure they were using some sort of stencil. in the later 80s, the cat was out of the bag and people were using it all over the country. this cap was also discovered on testors model paint. and so testors and liquitex were getting vicked for their caps left and right. but it is without question and a historical fact that the members of these crews were the first to use a cap which produced a crisp clean line. all the masters that came before them, Dondi, Skeme, Part, Slave etc. did game changing work with stock caps and fat caps. but the game changed again when the these dudes did their thing. they set a trend and started something that is still very much part of the culture today. late 80s early 90s someone realized that if you can somehow get in touch with the manufacturer of aerosol spray nozzles, you could order them in bulk. the first person i knew that had them in mass amounts were writers in LA. My homie Porn from LA used to send me NY thins in the mail with flicks. by the 90s Frame and Power from LA were slangin them like crack. if anyone here goes back that far you may remember Frame on videograff with those big ass bags of rusto fats and NY thins. Not saying they were the first ones to order caps in bulk, but they certainly made it popular and brought it to the larger graffiti community. today everyone knows the deal with caps. i went to Sam Flax to buy paint and asked the girl for some caps and she whips out this book with pictures of caps and a corresponding photo of the type of stream the cap makes. it was overwhelming for an old fart like me. this is obviously not the COMPLETE history of caps but it is a little more accurate that saying someone invented caps. #ijs
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    Nice tits next to the mean mugger'.
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    ^^my moms use to tell me^^ "I know that your name. I see it in the building." no te haga el estupido
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    Thanks Pro... Industrial area in East Los Angeles.
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    fuck that msk dick riding fag mag. better have some shots of locals. post those maybe you can sell some of your out of towner scab photos. not made by anyone from detroit so why buy some shit a hipster made in 4 days of drinking j-mo, and chillin at the old miami; took in his free time?. should change that title to "my vacation to detroit to jump on the band wagon, and try to get money off the hype of detroit".
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    ehhhh, the year was actually 1994, not 84.
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    This is hands down EASILY the best thing I have ever seen.
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    Since I highly doubt our city will be relevant to traveling writers in the coming years, it's a shame to see our deceased needlessly gone over. DSD is doing his part to preserve his and my friend's memory in what will likely be referred to as that time everyone booked a ticket to Detroit. Love or hate DSD for his DSDness (ie "nigga nigga nigga" etc), he's gotta do his thing here. Tom was a real cool, humble, and respectable dude and he bombed the corridor, which is fucked up because the corridor is a physical manifestation of purgatory. TL;DR short term hype doesn't equate with Detroit's long term. RIP Tom
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    This dude places threats constantly. I didnt mention anything about his fallen friend, yeah its ugly he is getting gone over, but geez dude if you cared that much you would be in the streets making sure there is plenty more of his work getting done, if things are getting taken out do it bigger and better. go put on for your friend...what it seems like to me is dude just wants to be "g". i dont really appreciate you bringing up a lost friend who's situation is nothing like this. we did go out, and continue to go out and put his word up. rollers. fullcars. street spots. thats what i expect to see when someone is lost. NOT a bunch of dick measuring on the internet. maybe i shouldnt have said anything and continued to watch this silly shit go down. detroit is a show right now and im tuned in. popcorn or not, i would like to see DSD go toe to toe with d30 for spots. he claims to be "#boutdatlife" in the past 50 pages of this thread. no diss to TOM.
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