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    maybe your depression stems from the fact that you like to go to the hood for vacay.
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    Didn't know this thread existed, bunch of my shit fits in here, I guess. Stacks On! by Walid Jumblat's conviction, on Flickr Mao49 Death Star by Walid Jumblat's conviction, on Flickr Mao49 Frog by Walid Jumblat's conviction, on Flickr MAo49 Unstable by Walid Jumblat's conviction, on Flickr Sunday night scribbles by Walid Jumblat's conviction, on Flickr Fashn sunset chrome by Walid Jumblat's conviction, on Flickr Fashn grey blocks by Walid Jumblat's conviction, on Flickr Ben's Waffle by Walid Jumblat's conviction, on Flickr Mao49 BB slaps by Walid Jumblat's conviction, on Flickr
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    So, after a year long bout of severe depression, and suicidal ideology, I have decided to leave Detroit, and take a vacation. I have never been on vacation, unless you count serving in the military one. I am staying in Philly for the foreseeable future, and then off the brooklyn for a week or 2, and then around late August back home to the motherland. I am leaving Wednesday, or Friday morning, depending on if I can get all my shit together in the next day. If anyone in Philly pm me, I am super chill minus being in Detroit, and I need a ghetto tour guide. I don't know the exact location because I don't know shit about Philly, other than I will be in North Philly. Would like to experience all the grimy shit your city has to offer. I don't care about bars and shit like that, places to eat. I wanna know where to go where it is most hood, and most unsafe, so I can feel at home. not a joke. I mean, life's a joke. but I am fucking serious. I am not leaving Detroit and the east side and my comfort zone to go somewhere with no real fucking hood. look forward to visiting the east coast, look forward to meeting anyone that is down to wild the fuck out.
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    Sorry I am not in Philly. One day if I try, I might be. One day....
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    Well that makes 10 years for me Although it's a typo, I really joined in March '02 :/ I still check Ch.0 entirely too often. Godspeed, gentleman.
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    The feds are tapping your phone, watching your internet history, and flying drones over your house. but filming cops will get your dog killed? Fuck America.
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    Never really had any real communications with cops cept times i got locked. some of them are just normal guys and do their jobs and go about their business. i can respect this but at the end of the day we're still on opposite teams and they're the "good guys." other cops are the scum people despise. i live in a metropolitan area but not the biggest or baddest but we have had our share of police brutality cases and cop murders. one guy who killed a cop back in the 80's just recently made parole. strange because i thought of him earlier today. If you want to see civillians vs authorities on a large scale (not necessarily physically but the mentality) you see that in ny or la. big cities. especially in the hoods. My boss is actually an ex cop and he's cool. it's still fuck a cop though.
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    you will definitely enjoy yourself in north philly. probably you headed to k and a or some such, but if you end up by berks or anywhere lower that will be laughs because you will fucking hate it. go to southwest if you need a vacation from your vacation, you low bottom scumfuck. FUSACHI FUSACHI FUSACHI FUSACHI FUSACHI
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    cool disco dan doc looks super dope, going to have to kep an eye for it. Ive been waiting to see this for awhile now, finally found a copy online. it was deff worth the wait,very good doc. heres a link to the full video http://www.putlocker.com/file/6C70DC20D1288291#
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    figured. I am pretty slow to youtube and the greatest white rappers of all time.
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    it isn't surprising that she's racist. what is surprising is that she didn't have the common fucking sense to keep that shit to herself. most everyone is prejudiced toward another type of people in some way, shape or form. they just don't go around letting everyone know that shit in public. look at rick ross' dumbass. would you expect that his fat fuck self has slipped a chick something to get her to fuck him? i would. would you expect him to talk about it on a record? nah, probably not.
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    register it with the US tradmark office, that will give you exclusive rights to the name...
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    I havent read the whole thread. I do like the fact from what was said here. No patience for such ignorance is how I see it. We are generations past such things but yet every race is to blame for this. If they paid for the research then they could prove such things, every race is at fault. Fine Im white and I know other whites are to blame for this, same as Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and purple people. My goal is to not have people like the negative in my life and to not raise my children this way. Paula should be ashamed for what she said. It doesnt matter where you are from, what you came from, and how you were raised when you are in the business world you are a Professional. You are offering yourself to the world a service. This service means that what ever your profession you are there to offer your best and to be satisfactory. You look past every type of prejudice to perform your job. Even if Paula had this personal dislike she as a professional should have looked past it and performed in her job without error, no matter what the paycheck entailed. You can refuse service to those with this attitude but you cant provide service to those having such an attitude yourself. I despise racial ignorance. I had some dude shouting FUs one night to me (a bar regular) because I said my ex was african instead of using the term "black." Now I didnt object at all or make it evident I didnt approve of "black" he just jumped on it. Sorry but when my ex was someone who had only lived in the US for 4 years and grew up with such a culture as her home country in Africa then shes freaking African! Funny thing is where I live in the US some dont realize how many Africans that have immigrated to the US truly hate black Americans. That in itself is sad being that there is the same color and theres still hate.
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