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    I check my props waaaay more often than I get them
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    hey bartender Charles Bradley may have had a difficult life, but nothing will stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a musician. Not even the fact that he’s just turned 62. Abandoned as a child before finally reuniting with his mother years later, a period of homelessness, and the shocking death of his older brother are just a few of the struggles that Charles has faced. Charles Bradley: Soul of America follows Charles in the weeks leading up to his debut album release, showcasing his incredible talent and his unbeatable spirit as he attempts to build a career in music at a time when others would be retiring. Nothing beats the story of an underdog coming out on top, and music documentaries are frequently filled with this tale. Charles Bradley is unique in that his career is only just beginning at the age of 62, but nobody is more deserving, and more talented, than Charles. His life story is filled with heartbreak and disappointment, but also shows the unmatched spirit that Charles has to persevere. Nothing will hold him back, even if he feels he can go no further. Abandoned by his mother as a baby, Charles was reunited with her years later, and has spent much of his life taking care of her. This is a perfect example of the kind of caring, loving man that he is. He holds no grudges in life, and treats every single person he meets with love and respect. Not only is Charles the kind of person everybody should strive to be, he’s an incredible singer. Working for years performing James Brown covers, Charles solo album release through Daptone Records outperformed all expectations, offering Charles a life he’d always dreamed of, and he earned every moment of it. His very personal songs about his life and his country will raise the hair on your arms. When Charles sings, it penetrates directly into your soul, and watching him perform throughout the film is moving. An audience member at one of Charles’ shows comments that ‘when he says he loves you, you believe it’, and it’s true. Even through the camera lens, you can feel Charles’ passion for life and music. This really is a rags to riches story, and audiences will be swept up in each moment of joy and pain that Charles experiences. Charles Bradley: Soul of America is easily the most moving, and inspiring, music documentary ever, and you’d be making a mistake by missing out on it. The Final Call A must see for music fans. The power in Charles’ music will dig deep into your soul, and there’s never been a more inspiring, and deserving person as Charles.
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