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  1. He decides later on near the end of the season that he's going to go to sweden to hang out with ted in his moms home country (which is actually saskatchewan not sweden but he doesn't get that) So he's already 5-6 grand in debt because he doesn't actually get any money he earns as his chick just takes it and he just has to use credit card. side story: jons trying to make a phone call upstairs but in a night of drinking we'd unplugged his phone line, knowing he'd never figure out what was wrong with it. so he comes downstairs and asks aaron to leave so that he can make a call. Aaron's like yeah man juts give me a sec. so jons looking all panicked and Aarons like you alright man? (this is when aaron still kind of wanted to help the guy through life) and Jon's like, yeah I just need to call my bank. Aaron asks what's up and he gets really sheepish and a confused look on his face knowing he's about to try and ask a question he should know the answer to, so he asks aaron in all seriousness "I lost my credit card and need a new one sent to me, but I just wanted to know that since I lost that one, whether I'd have to pay that one off, or just get a new one" dude doesn't even understand the basic concept of credit. anyways he's got this debt already, how he has a limit as high as he gets it i don't know, but he takes his trip to sweden and it costs him $8000! for a week. well it was supposed to be a week but since he is jon, he couldn't figure out when his flight home was and missed it so he came home three days later. I feel like now is a time to reassure you this dude has had tests and is a fully functioning person, just a moron. he isn't mentally challenged, just dumb.
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  2. Once I know he fucked the slut, Que the staff party. There's about 300 people including all the head guys on hill. Dinner drinks a few hours go by and Jons girl keeps trying to talk to me. I keep trying to just brush her off because I've got nothing against her, but she's been dating this idiot for 8 years so she also clearly doesn't have much going on upstairs herself. So after the 4 or 5 time of her coming up and trying to strike up a convo, I say to her(about a bottle deep mind you) look, I know you're just tying to be nice and all, but I don't have much to say to you, and don't want to piss you off because it's not really anything you did, but the only thing we have in common is your retard boyfriend. She starts trying to tell me how much he's trying and how good of a guy he really is, and that I should give him ANOTHER chance because he's changed a lot. trying to sell me on the guy I've known for 5 years as a moron. I usually wouldn't, actual i'd never do this to any other person, but after a few minutes of being told how awesome this dummy is I lose any verbal filter about him. So i say to her look, he's not that good of a dude, he fucked man meat(that's the sluts nickname). She instantly storms off to find him and they have a fight or whatever and when I walk outside for some air, he's standing there in a new shirt (He'd worn a bright blue collared button up which was comical so i remembered it) He'd apparently gotten so mad about the fact that his bullshit was catching up quick, that he ripped off his shirt, but couldn't rip off the collar or cuffs. so he's rocking a chip n dales look for a solid ten minutes at the party before realizing that he should get a shirt. HE get's pissed and wants to fight me ( he goes hard on the mutant mass so he gets all macho every once in a while) I say look man, I'll finish this drink and I'll go meet you outside, but instead he started to cry and went to the bathroom and didn't come out until after the party had dispersed to other cabins. again that all may sound harsh but there's so much more and too many things that aren't laughable to strangers that have made him worthy of such ridicule.
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  3. Just tryna be thorough - crit noted, less explanation next time :) And yeah, planning to stick with the simples over and over. Quite like doing them actually. Pekoe like the tea, yeah.
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  4. Yeah, very nice, mate. Why do you want to start working on the interior right away? I'd use what you've already got on a few trips firstly to get some value out of the kit that's already in there and second to learn what mods you need most through process of experience. As for where to travel to, I'd suggest somewhere that you can get some exercise in, given the paunch you seem to be sporting :p :p :p
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