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    On the really real, this shit right here is the business. Smells simple, clean, magestic. Moisturizer for both your hair and body, on that natural tea-tree oil game. They also make a shampoo and conditioner that is liquidpanydropper steez.
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    zeser msk by ExcuseMySarcasm, on Flickr rime msk by ExcuseMySarcasm, on Flickr gasm by ExcuseMySarcasm, on Flickr
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    Words cannot describe how happy i am at his fuckin' utter cunt passing off the face of the earth... her son's a fuckin' dirty bastard pedophile as well... the English think that they had it bad when they she was in power... but they keep the extra year of poll tax the Scottish had to pay before they did... this utter fuckin' cretin of a human being ripped the arsehole out of my country, she shut down all the public sector work throughout england and wales, paid everyone a disability welfare cheque to do fuck all but turn to a life of taking hard drugs and start drinking at breakfast everyday for the rest of their days until they're well into retirement, all of which may I add was paid for by Scottish oil... the only people who have a good word to say about this fuckin' dead whoorin' cunt are current members of the conservative parliament... all of which probably knew her on first name terms... and who's families done very well out of her tax breaks for the rich, and imprisoning the poor working man for daring to stand up to who they believed to be seemingly elected to represent "the people" all of course swung by murdoch and his shitey red top newspapers... I could sit here all fuckin' day long and tell you horror stories that my relatives have told me when this idiot was in power, such as my dad watching two of his friends nearly kill one another over a fuckin' stolen single egg that was left in their fridge, both of them ended up in hospital after the scrap... i know things aren't great anywhere in the world these days. but can you imagine punching fuckin' seven shades of shit out your best friend over something as trivial as a single egg? that's how bad it was ladies and gents... all in all... i'm gonna say it was a good thing, because I'm all in favor of Scottish independence, and all this fuckin' cunt done was push Scottish people in favor of it... and especially now we have a government full of conservative multi-millionaires telling us we're all feeling the pinch and it's beneficial to keep the UK as a whole... Honkey please...
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    I would do that to your BMW, and then fuck you up.
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    Disney's new 3D movie hits theater's Summer 2013
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