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    Man Has Alarming Level Of Pride In Institution That Left Him $50,000 In Debt, Inadequately Prepared For Job Market
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    Hi mom and dad thanks for the new computer you bought me for college I've been learning so much.
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    false I don't own a microwave Tpbm spit game at some underage female today
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    Avoid Art School. Graphic design?! Unless you are ungodly talented, like not from this planet excellent... forget about it. Art is a hobby, do it on the side. I have grad and undergrad degrees in studio art & visual communications. I use neither. I wanted to cartoon, and smoke week, and do rape letterz everyday for life. Not that I am a failure. I started in illustration, but graphic design paid more so I switched up. Web design (Basic HTML & Photoshop) paid more than Graphic design, so I switched up. Optimizing websites for search paid more than designing them, so I switched up. Advanced coding pays extremely well, but that shit bores me, so I avoided it. Optimizing campaigns for paid search pays very well, but that shit bores me too, so I avoided it. Marketing strategy pays more than SEO, so I switched up. All of the above can be done from the comfort of home, or in an office; I've done both but prefer an office. The office isn't bad because agencies are fun to work at. Suit up one day, jeans most others. Nerf guns & liquid lunches like champions. Paid travel. There is no real degree to do what I do, it was just becoming a jack of all trades that built my expertise. A good resume (or list of solid clients) and knowing the right people is all you need, I've never really interviewed for a job that I didn't already have in the bag. I've gotten lucky to fall ass backwards into the perfect job for me. Networking is better than school erryday - SO BE NICE TO PEOPLE! Geek out and code websites, you'll make more money an hour than most do in a day. I contract coding work out at $60-200/hr depending on the skill level. So like I said, learn LAMP 'cause I don't want to. YOU CAN TEACH YOURSELF HOW DO IT for the price of a couple books (that you can buy used.) I feel like Damon in that MIT movie, I wasted a ton on college, when everything I do today I taught myself from reading a few dozen books.
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    Happy birthday nigga, rip. juishatmbiahs
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    So here's the deal: I worked in a place, upscale/fine dining, that was probably my favorite job ever. The owners and management were all great people, that's really hard to find in this business. We moved away from there to go to school, I went to culinary and the wife was trying to get into vet school (3 years, no luck...). I graduate in march, and HATE the job I'm working now. The food is amazing, but all the people are shitbags, cocks and nancies. All That said, the people I used to work for have bought another inn, converted two rooms into a brewery, and are installing a commercial kitchen where the Tiny kitchen is now. The Restaurant will only seat about 35 people, 40 max. I've been talking with them for about a year about coming back as executive chef and making it a gastropub, sausages made in house and all food made from scratch. There isn't an establishment like that in that area, and there are A LOT of heavy drinkers... I'm going back up there in February to sort of cater a late holiday party, I think the idea is that this will be like a working interview, except that they will be paying me, and paying for the food, and allowing me and the wife to stay in the inn for free for two nights ($400/night!) I think the decision has been made, it's just not official yet. When it is official, and I have a final opening menu drafted... shit who knows... I might even make a thread about it!
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    As soon as I saw this was a thread I thought to myself I bet McLovin started this
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    This bitch is delicious, obvious smash. holy sweet fuck, this girl would get her shit beat until it turned red. Maby I have fucked up standards but most the last page ahs been obvious.
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    Baked egg over creamy leeks... Simple. Delicious.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=K3W6vss3w9k best KO's of 2012
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