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    A few weeks ago I fucked some college broad while I was on 5 hits of acid. It lasted awhile, after a bit she got super wet, so assumed she was squirting. So she starts rubbing it all over me, and the bed is fucking soaked. It's like midnight, and there's no lights, got up to take a piss, hit the lights, and i'm fucking covered in blood, my bed is covered in blood, the walls are covered in blood, and she's been feeding me blood. I laughed so motherfucking hard, she started crying in shame.
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    Same place as above. Lotta birdies Dunno if this was the top floor or not 5 dude, 30+mins tryn to get this door open. After the fact we realized if we woulda slid one of the doors sideways it woulda opened too. 1 story or so underground we found a tunnel that went across the street to another bldg. I was carrying a lit candle down there since i didnt have a flashlight, blew it out and within a cpl hundred ft all you could smell was gas. It was pretty terrifying, n all i could think was who woulda found us 1 story under an abandon bldg. freight elevator that went to the tunnel This was the bldg across the street that looked like someone was cooking meth in it Top floor of hospital, connected to roof
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    Pause.. These are incredible. My new desktop.
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    Hospital... weirdest part about this place was having my hand on the handle of the entrance and the door opening while my hand was just holding it. Then a dude just as startled as me walks out with a bike n a bag full of wires to scrap Anyone know whats up with these large square toilets? Top floor Another odd thing is this hospital is connected to another open biz
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    Thought some of you might like this 2013 CTA calendar: http://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/miscellaneous_documents/2013_Historical_Calendar.pdf
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    Best thread on the oontz! I like that first one Internerd. Here are 2 random shots i like
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    Damn, you stay hating on the Lakers.... :lol: You must still be mad about that Robert Horry shot. Lakers for life... and fuck fake fans in LA (and elsewhere) jumping on the Clipper bandwagon.
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    ^^^^^^^ see that little minus box next to the post (#50651) in the upper right corner of smeagol? click it. you've just set it & forget it.
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    Hate it when you order a sandwich or burger from somewhere and the bun to meat ratio is like 3:1. Seriously this fucking pisses me off, I didn't pay 6 bucks to get 4 whole bites of some shitty bun I could have gotten at the grocery store for 30 cents. Hate it when you're trying to mack on a bitch and she can't hold a conversation to save her fucking life, or when she doesn't answer texts till like the next day when you're tryna holler. Hate it when you're going to meet your buddy to rock and the shameless prick is like a half hour late. He just strolls along finally and you're like "the fuck bro, I know you know I've been waiting here for time you cocksucker". Hate it when you're wanking it on your bed and you overshoot the tissue and get that shit all over your sheets. Even worse if you just changed them or you got a bitch coming over later. :crap:
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    the first thing i was taught was bars, meaning building your letters with well, bars. once you get that down its just a matter of fuckin around with it, messin with the flow or how you bend the letters, whether they are sharp angled or curved etc. but everything starts with bars. just keep drawing, thats all you really can do.
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    I have medium hairstyles according to hairstyles 2013 .I got my hair cut like medium length hairstyles.
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    I picked the wrong god damn day to quit sniffing glue.
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    Every evening I have a by myself meeting - Cappadonna....
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