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    Kuching - Malaysia Pretty nice place, clean by asian standards but not really alot going on. View from the riverfront. Kuching museum, was the poorest excuse for a museum but some good art/historic stuff. Kuching means cat in Malay so they have all these cat statues around Street food, samosas,, bean cake and ramutans. Evrything cooked up on the spot, cheap and delicious Went on a trip to Semengohh nature reserve to see some orang-utans, no guarantee to see them but they ended up chilling/hiding from the rain. went on a trip to Bako national Park, the tide rises to the height of these poles in a matter of hours, nets are strung up to catch fish on these Tracks to one of the beaches, so humid and no wind at Edit: tried to rotate the photos but photobucket won't display them. ehhhhh
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    I'll drop some flix tomorrow tho...
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    thanks boats and symbols. i can't prop from this mobile device but good lookin.
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    "I'm cooler than a polar bear's toenails"
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    its kome down 2 this.......kome back .....maybe....... RIP NA....RIP ADEA........BUMP 4EVER N THE ESC GANG.....FREE SES N AGUA........!!!!!!!!!!!!!(DROP THE MIKE SOUND).....:cool: ILY MY "LADY"................
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    False Tpbm is stuck in a rural environment and debating about panelling a display train down the road but feels bad for the volunteers that restored it!
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    its still pretty hilarious to me that people actually spend money on plane tickets and come to Detroit for vacation... whatthefuck? the only people on flights TO detroit are ppl regrettably flying home.
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    "I'm colder than a penguin's kneecap"
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    Why does the moon have a black horizon and Mars has a white horizon..wherewithall the sun and such..
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    Finished off Malaysia in K.L for a few nights, not a lot of photos but it was so good to see some rape letters around fucking everywhere. The main city area is crushed and the river side walls which are kilometres long and just lined with piece after piece view from the skybar, prices for a beer were like i was back home, view was awesome went to Batu Caves, was alight glad you didn't have to pay to get in, smells and monkey faeces everywhere This joint was so good, pick what you want they grill or boil it for you and throwsome chilli sauce on there
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    Flew up to Kota Kinabalu next, spent a few days Islands, trekked to the other side, absolutely no one had the beach to myself an the snorkelling was somewhat decent As expensive as it was i decided i would climb Mt Kinabalu, highest mountain on Borneo (4096m) was the biggest fuck around getting there as the mini bus only let when full and i arrived late and could share a guide Pitcher Plant sunset from the lodge where you stay, found it a bit eerie being higher than some clouds next morning hike up to the summit, it was about -2 degrees C and you start at about 3 to get there for sunrise, but it was cloudy so couldn't see shit Hike back down, didn't manage to get a decent photo of the mountain from the base Flew over to K.L and then caught the overnight train and ferry to Penang, managed to get dirt cheap flights through airasia The street food throughout Penang is amazing i was eating 5 meals a day and its all so cheap chicken rice for breakfast Drop off your paint here, few scrap cans and some bucket paint i put to good use
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    Everyone needs to get off Detroits dick already.
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