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    My homie has a couple accounts. Both pretty dope. Hip hop beats: Glitch and shit: Check him out. Rapper guys buy some beats.
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    Thank you! The jungle ones were taken at a river in East Bali, Indonesia I've been living here in Indo for the past 5 years. The first shot on my previous post is the view from my front gate. Here's some more from the same roll. still figuring out the camera. having so much fun with it.
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    loving those man! that skateboarder up there is dope too! here is a clementine dropped into a vase! grainy but i like it!
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    I bothered to log in and say that this thread went crickets, yo. Congratulations to all the young locs who discovered girls and cars and paying your own rent. Hope you still write - every little bit counts.
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    I just dont want to copy and paste all the flicks again =/
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    I finally got a few appointments set up for my trip to Europe. Jan 31 with Rudy Fritsch. Feb 5 with Javier Rodriguez. Feb 13 with Deno. Any recommendations on good spots/places to avoid for walk-ins in Prague and /or Amsterdam would be appreciated.
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    haven't done a sketch in forever thought this thread was a cool idea. nice stuff in here! sorry for the shitty pic and the toyness hhaha
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    Keep working man, and don't listen to these lames in this here thread.:lol: I started making beats a year ago, and got clowned hard by people in the beginning, but now the same people clowning are telling me how much i've improved. stick with it if you love it. this shit kind of stopped a young old nigga form jumping off a bridge. (suicide is overrated by the way :rolleyes: ) enough pep talk though, what DAW you working with? Here's my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/phantomziggy
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    Bought a Raleigh frame off of a crack head for 8 bux. chyea.
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