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    I was christmas shopping this weekend and was getting super pissed off.........so while asking a lady for help for some necklace shit I lost it. After not understanding I need the chain to be 24in, I changed my game up. I told her that it needed to be the width of my finger to support my mothers medallion, she got snotty and and wanted to know what kind of medallion it was.....when i told her it was a hand holding a mic she'd won in a rap battle, the teenaged girl working with her burst out laughing and I was asked to leave.
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    So basically I've been thinking of starting a thread like this for a while, and oontz has been dead lately, so here we go. I figured I'd post this because why the fuck not. If you like it, it will give you something to read day by day. There are 12 sections, this is 12oz, we're coming to the end of 2012, so I'll add a section each day. Enjoy, or TLDR at your convenience...if you don't like it, I'll just drink myself to death. I know there's a few other good writers (huhuhuh) on here, so if this takes off at all it'd be cool to read stuff from some other people. April 4, 1967 Saigon The first image I had of Vietnam was a dark smudge below the cloud cover. As the fat-bellied transport plane descended, condensation wicked off the windows and revealed a sprawl of green that was broken here and there by muddy veins of road. To be honest, I found it wholly underwhelming. I craned my neck to try and catch a glimpse of Saigon, which should be coming into view according to the pilot’s voice over the tinny radio. I saw a partial reflection of myself in the window. Dark hair, and a thin face that was clean-shaven for once, with no expression of fear or excitement. I closed my eyes. Everyone had a story about how they had come to be in that plane, banking left over Saigon and beginning its descent. I had heard a lot of bull from the guys I got to know throughout the course of training—dramatic withdrawals from college to fight for Uncle Sam after impassioned arguments with liberal professors, tearful goodbyes from girlfriends after having received notice after the perfect date. That type of story usually turned into sexual parable pretty quickly. I guess it wasn’t surprising they were among the most popular that people told during basic. My story—the story of Flint, Randy A. 247-36-3650 O Pos. R Catholic—was less enticing, and unlike a lot of the other guys I didn’t try and hide it’s boring nature. I had spent the night at the bar with a couple of high school friends celebrating the culmination of a particularly drunk autumn. I had staggered out into the Seattle fog and slumped behind the wheel of my car. After a couple of false starts and retches from both the tired engine and myself, I lurched home, sometimes even remembering to shift gears. When I woke up that afternoon, the letter was on the kitchen table next to two Excedrin and a glass of water. I glanced out of the window again and saw Saigon rushing up to meet me.
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    thanxx a lot to all of you for this warm welcome..and McLovin I dont to derp..I hope nobody here does that..
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    Some of the worst erotica I've ever read, I can't fap to this.
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    false but live up the hill from it TRBM is developing a thing for preggers women and them big veiny tittays
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    I can't believe you clicked a McLovin youtube link. lol
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    I watched it. Retarded, and so far from the topic, it's ridiculous.
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    local dry aged short rib some really nice chantrelles i got from the market. Braised dry aged short ribs, mashed potatoes, sauteed brussel sprouts w/bacon, braising liquid redux, olive oil. Seared duck breast, rosemary scented whipped potatoes, chard, marinated chanterelles, cherry sauce. this hits our menu on friday. I'm gonna change up the presentation though i think. Also gonna do without the pink peppercorns and green onion as the proved to really add nothing to the dish.
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    You can't possibly be serious. How could something like this even be accomplished? People like you are the problem. Fucking control freaks
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    When Ronald Reagan was governor of CA he cut funding for all of the state mental hospitals, so unless you're bull goose loony or insured you can't get committed. No one wants to admit that America is more or less fucked because that might actually force people to look at the situation objectively and do something about it, instead of argue about gun control or gay marriage or whatever red herring the media decides to run with. RIP for those folks, fuck Westboro, and if you have kids do right by them.
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    acrylics, markers and such
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    Got myself A nikon F4 the other week. photos from first roll
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    love lifts us up where we belong
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    oh and its from some indian action film correct?
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