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    Mounting up to go bang this fat girl..., cause I'm bored..., and kinda drunk..., and I feel inspired by fist666.
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    so far north you should just keep on going straight through to Darwin and save yourself from this nightmare of a town
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    It appears to me the proper way to fight government tyranny is by using doctors and cars against them. Cause clearly they're far more effective.
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    toasters don't toast toast, toast toasts toast.
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    some very succinct points being made. I agree about the media. the media circus created by this sort of thing is far more dangerous than any amount of small arms weapons in the hands of non militarized individual citizens. we are talking about a generalization.. but a somewhat proven one. which is; a majority of the perpetrators were not very social people. the media is giving them a sure shot at instant fame.. and giving anyone else with the slightest proclivity to repeat such a performance a 100% likelihood of also being famous when previously they'd been largely ignored/belittled/socially outcast i guess my point is that this sort of event is completely self fulfilling. a nation thriving off of instant media driven gratification. like a sick and starving child feeding off its own puke.
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    I won't argue that govts have good histories but I would suggest that there are deep complexities in the situation and just being armed is a pretty superficial response. No, sorry, that is not what has happened in Afghanistan at all. They are armed with much more than Lee Enfields (c'mon dude, you've heard of the IED/VBIEDs, right??) and they are sponsored by other govts external to Afghanistan that provide weapons, training, sanctuary, intelligence, logistics, etc. etc. I'm pretty sure you don't believe the situation in Afghanistan is as simple as you put it. Even when the Afghans were fighting the Red Army they were getting massacred until an external power provided them with strategic level weapons, training, funding, intelligence, etc. Yes, we can all agree that there are many times in history that masses of oppressed people would have benefited from the means to defend themselves. But you're being very self serving if you think small arms can do anything to protect 'a people' from an organised and well funded govt force intent on enacting a policy. Here, have an M16 and go run in to that tank on the other side of that mine field that is covered by 38 machine gun pits and air cover. If that other person didn't have an AK then you'd be even better off, right? I don't fear being shot on the street in Australia and I fear my govts policy of cutting the defence budget more than I fear their tyranny. Do we have gun crime? Yeah, sure. Not enough to make me want to arm myself though.
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    im not here to tell anyone what they 'need' i dont think people need more than a 1500 sq ft house, but some people want 6,000 sq ft houses. i dont think people should do drugs, but im not one to tell them not to. hell, some people think they NEED 10 bongs and 5 lbs of weed. hey, whatever. if you look at actual incidents, there are many instances where there are multiple assailants. lets face it, handguns suck. they dont really do anything good at all, except allow you to carry them with you when you go about your daily business. any thing a hand gun can do, you can do better with a rifle. if you have multiple assailants in your house, wouldnt you rather have a tool that does the job instead of one that is bad at the job? what you are suggesting is: you only need a 5 oz hammer. really, do you really need that 28 oz framing hammer? its absolutely ridiculous. you can bang in a 20 penny spike with a 5 oz hammer. it might take you 8 times as long but, being the all knowing being that i am, i know that you done NEED nor should you possess a 28 oz hammer. whereas myself if i have to bang in a 20 penny nail into hardwood, i'll grab my framing hammer and leave the tack hammer in the drawer. point being, why use a tack hammer when a framing hammer does the job better, faster and more efficiently? the point of defending yourself is to WIN. not perish. who in the world elected you the person that dictates what people can and cannot own? by the way, i realize you arent a 'gun' person and your posts show you have little knowledge on the subject, but for the most part, m4's are non existent in the US unless you are military or LE. they are select fire weapons under mcclure volkmer '86.
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    Can't stop stupid from doing stupid things. Can't stop crazy from doing crazy things. Terrible this kid was missing some part of his conscience that tells humans: mass murder is bad. It doesn't have to be a gun. It could be a home made bomb. Or poison. Or simply driving over people at random. Weapons will always be around no matter how much you control them. So will crazy people. It's interesting though this person advocating for 2nd amendment gun rights is called 'angelofdeath'. You may want to think about that one.
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    your first line proves the most important point. most active shooters cease or kill themselves at the VERY FIRST SIGN OF RESISTANCE. given that CCW permits are generally held by under 5% of a given population of a given state, and active shooter events are more rare in the grand scheme of things that rattle snake bite deaths, its not surprising unarmed people are able to subdue someone. i take it you care not to comment on the fact that 2/3 of the time civilians subdue the attacker... do you think you can carry around a cop in your pocket? if you had to be in a gun fight, would you rather be able to shoot back or would you rather be a sitting duck? so i cannot use 'good guys' to mean someone with a gun in general? i meant it specifically people killing crazy motherfuckers murdering other people are GOOD GUYS. it doesnt matter if they have a badge or not. i believe congresswoman giffords attacker was subdued by a CCW holder without using his firearm. he claims that being armed gave him the courage to engage. guns are not always the answer. there are 4 safety rules. for instance, if you cannot get a clear shot or if you engage an active shooter but risk killing innocents because they are in your line of fire, its best not to engage or you will be responsible for murdering innocents. your line about guns at 'guns ranges being more likely to kill their users than criminals' is the most hysterical thing ive ever heard. this sounds like your position: and why do yall always speak in these silly abstract ideas? i have yet to hear one solid plan that would solve your problem other than...'we just need more gun control' give me something specific that needs to be put into law that already isnt, that will create utopia. go
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    how about the "GUN CONTROL IS THE LOGICAL STARTING POINT FOR GENOCIDE" argument? this whole conversation is stupid. i'm gonna go play call of duty (zing!)
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    It is not that I expect young pussy to come with anything it is that as a man, I want a relationship with a woman, not a child. I would also like to argue with at least some semblance of a adult conversation. There are all kinds of ways to prevent crazy people from acting out, I do not think that the argument needs to be framed in absolutes but rather in the best possible outcome. I do not buy the criminal argument, it separates "criminals" from everyone else in a way that does not jive with reality. Many people who commit murder with a gun are not criminals before the fact. Also, it totally negates the "armed people to resist government" argument because if there is any group that will always be able to arm themselves it is those involved in legitimate armed struggle.
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    perhaps we should also ban pot, crack, meth and heroine. i hear that prohibition works very well at keeping these things out of peoples hands. hell, they might stop getting the stuff in maximum security federal prisons. maybe they should also make schools 'gun free safe zones' and prohibit firearms within 1000 feet of the school. we could also pass over 20,000 firearms laws to solve these sorts of problems. maybe we could pass carry bans and prohibit gun ownership in major cities like washington DC and chicago in order to rid those places of murders and crime. wait... maybe we could also snap our fingers and remove dangerous 3000 lb death machines from america known as cars. over 40,000 people a year die on america's highways due to them. we need to also get rid of the death traps that are bath tubs. you much more likely to be killed in your bath tub than by a gun. swimming pools also need to go. pools of death is what they are. i'd take the gun control position seriously if there was an example of prohibiting activities and items and ridding the world bad things that happen while using said items. however, since its quite apparent prohibition on anything never works, i dont see why people think a bunch of knee jerk bed wetting is going to actually solve a problem. people think if you put a 'no gun' sticker on a door, that an active shooter will not enter. or if you pass a law that requires gun owners to jump to hoops, x, y, and z, that this is going to some how limit guns in the hands of people who do nothing but ignore said hoops to begin with. in 1925 a psycho got peeved off. instead of using the 'most efficient killing device' (guns) he used home made explosives he put together on his farm and blew up a school and killed 125 people. since they cant keep drugs out of the hands of maximum security prisons, there is absolutely no way you can keep 200 million guns out of the hands of psycho's. I do agree that if guns didnt exist, no one would be shot with them. that is also like saying if humans didnt exist, they wouldnt harm the environment. the prospects of getting rid of either are a bit unfathomable. if the rhetoric makes you feel good and makes you feel like you are 'doing something!' thats cool. but remember one thing...pretty much the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. direct your anger at the criminal, not the tool.
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    does your girlfriend's car still have training wheels?
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    Did not have to, the bus driver took care of that along with feeding em a bunch of misinformation about motive and killings. Class act. The tyranny of the government being the reason for lax gun laws line is such bullshit.
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    Nah, that's an off-the-top word. Being in the northeast might make me a defenseless pussy by paranoid Texan standards, but that also means that I'm highly educated. So of course I'm white, too.
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    WOULD YOU TELL YOUR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AGE KIDS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED? fucking why? might as well tell them there's no santa claus, the world is on fire, and you'll have to stop drop and roll if you wanna get presents. here's an excerpt from some parent on my fb im never having kids.
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    condolences to all those affected by this tragedy in CT
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