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    Well, my five year felonious probation expired as of ten minutes ago. Holy fucking shitballs. No more 10pm-6am curfew. No more 4 way. No more progress reports and court dates. No more travel restrictions. No more debt prison. And I can once again own repelling gear and sharpies. Pfff baaahaha. Shouldn't have let me off the leash bitches! I have plane tickets to Costa Rica and am leaving December 20th. For reals. Not expatriating just yet. But definitely have ideas. Ahhhh. Feels amazing you guys.
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    Whoa. You unleash that horrible flik on us after more than 4 years of lurking? Really? I don't even know where to start with those letters. Jesus mother fucking christ. Some people just can't progress. Might be time to seriously consider a new hobby.
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    http://www.thenation.com/blog/171645/anger-rises-cleveland-after-police-fire-137-shots-unarmed-couple A public forum exploded in Cleveland last night as controversy continues following a shocking police shooting barrage a few days ago that has been likened to the final bloody scene of the movie Bonnie and Clyde. It’s gained little national attention, for some reason. A car chase that started in Cleveland ended a few minutes later with thirteen local cops firing a total of 137 bullets into a car killing a man and a woman inside. They each were struck by more than two dozen bullets. Police claimed it all started with shots, or a shot, fired from the car at police, but no weapons or shell casings were discovered in the car. Also: the two dead are black and twelve of the thirteen cops are white and the other Hispanic. They have been put on temporary leave but the department firmly defends the shooting—pointing out the dead pair had criminal records, while admitting no weapon was found. Naturally, friends and family of the deceased and community members are outraged and the NAACP is drafting a letter calling for a Justice Department probe. At last night’s public forum, the city’s mayor and two other top offiicals endured repeated cries of “Murder!” Attendees pointed to a pattern of race-tinged police actions. Before the meeting ended, the audience counted to 137, the number of shots fired. The mayor, Frank Jackson, said he, too, wanted to know why thirty police cars joined the chase and he pleaded for patience. See earlier Plain Dealer story here raising all sorts of questions. More updates and reports on the public forum here and here. Local “gadfly” Roldo Bartimole’s commentary. Short version cops get told to no longer peruse vehicle, shoot 2 unarmed men 137 times claiming that they were fired on first but no weapon is found
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    i got my own little brew kit. the brooklyn something, with "everyday ipa". i have never brewed a beer before so im obviously going to blow it. but its all in trial and error! and maybe one day ill expand to better ways of brewing and not kits.. the.crooked making me jealous!
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    But I saw on the 12 ounce front page a few weeks back about a off duty officer in New York buying a homeless man a pair of shoes, gotta take the good with the bad no?
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    48 out of 137? who the fuck taught these dipshits to shoot?
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    smash shower chick all day. crazy252 u gay
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    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us http://nycjamz.tumblr.com/ http://nycjamz.tumblr.com/ http://nycjamz.tumblr.com/
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    jeesus christ. i'm not ruining KIR's thread listing everything amazing that happened on that trip. i see you got bored in germany. well why didn't you spend a year there? i'm sure you couldn't have possibly done all there was to do. plan your own trips and step the fuck offa mine fool.
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    True Wonders what the fuck when they see someone still walking around with a pager
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    http://vimeo.com/45376265 some good stuff and good friends
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    not nonsense. new shai hulud track
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    successful job interview bout to change clothes then eat somethin'
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    Met up with one chick from this site. Figured we'd have a drink or two at my place before heading to the bar for some food. Chick showed up at 7pm straight from her work(office job), black-out drunk and face planted on the three minute walk back to my house from the train. My coat and shirt got covered in face blood lifting her into a cab... I walked home and deleted my account.
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    Well I guess read the following, then decide for yourself... http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/sb700.htm (scroll down, below the 2nd picture)
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