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  1. Here's a few of my new and improved definitions of certain buzzwords I seem to hear a lot- ACCOUNTABILITY- Someone who takes it upon themselves to call everyone out on various trivial shortcomings and perceived transgressions, that will break into tears and run out of the room calling everyone names when they're asked why they abandoned their car in front of your house for two months. AUTONOMY- What every radical wants yet none will grant- the ability to do whatever they want, within reason, without having to be the topic of several "we need to hold so-and-so accountable for their behavior" meetings that accomplish nothing. ANARCHY- Talking about how you're off the grid (you have a Macbook Pro), self-sufficient (you have three credit cards), and don't need to be told what to do (you're a female who pisses all over the toilet seat then denies everything to the male who passes them in the bathroom doorway). Also, anarchist households usually have a sink full of dirty dishes and are three months behind on their utility bills. I'll think of some more later.
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  2. you should post a pic of her wearing it, or out of it? :)
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