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    just a thought man, if he's stupid and niave enough to post spots, maybe you can somehow convince him to meet up under the guise of some "hip hop bboy/graffiti taggzz graff jam session" or something lame like that. and then when he shows up beat his ass and break his camera. the only way he is going to learn is if you or someone else catches him and knocks a couple teeth loose. then maybe he will learn the severity of his actions. if you know spots he frequents just patrol it often enough and when you run into him BAM! handle your business.
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    DAO, you were arrested for shooting one person in a movie theater so I dunno man This is shitty, it was weird to wake up to at 6am. What pisses me off, though (aside from this nut killing a bunch of people), is now they're like WE ARE TIGHTENING SECURITY AT ALL THEATERS SHOWING THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Post 9/11 paranoia to the fullest and most ridiculous extent...
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    Yeah, Denver really doesn't seem that bad. I have lived here my whole life and outside of some widely publicized incidents it seems relatively safe assuming you don't seek out trouble. The theater this occurred at is about a half mile away from my apartment, and I never felt uncomfortable in the area, the news this morning was shocking. I wouldn't hesitate to visit.
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    Dunno but you gotta book north floridas finest.. They makin movies out here pleh bwoy
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    WTF...so anybody could walk in from the emergency exits at anytime without paying up front for a ticket, thought those doors could only open from the inside?! Not trying to sound humorous, just sayin... :confused:
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    cold trains are garbage. we should make a "rare boxes" thread. id rather paint a flat than a reefer anyday, regardless of who sees it.
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    :lol: thats what she said
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    ^ why is it legal to own an assault rifle?? you need to shoot 50 deer at once ? edit: to pertplus1
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    Nigga you dumb. This dude was gas masked up, in full swat gear, had an assault rifle and launched tear gas into the crowd. That's how he was able to just "buck on people" You're telling me you would just blindly bullrush a dude with an assault rifle when you can't see and barely breathe? Not even you're that stupid.
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    This made me laugh too.
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    part2 of the posters ( Pase BT X Nover GWB ) colloabo! size 9X22
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    Any VW bus enthusiasts around?
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    you sound like a fucking clown with all your bullshit pesk. most dudes who talk this loud about how tough they are and how much clout they hold in the street are usually full of shit. if you are really holdin it down like you said then your work and your actions would speak for itself. and right now the only thing either one of those things are saying for you is that you are an arrogant little douche who has an inflated ego and an unearned sense of self worth. there are alot of other dudes in this thread that can burn the shit out of you on paper and on the streets and they aren't nearly as arrogant as you are. you need to humble yourself because no ones even fucking heard of you, and the only flicks i've ever seen of your street shit was posted by you or someone else in your crew. as far as the whole putting your face on here i already put my opinion out that that was a low blow, but at the same time you're an idiot for putting personal pics among your graff pics so the only one you have to blame is yourself. i can't even fathom how retarded you would have to be to do that. it defies logic.
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    look guys! they changed the color of the complex bar!
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