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    ccali i duuno if it is acceptabnle for me to be drink now. i dont usually drink anymore but been downing cans of beer listening to stoner rock dumbcunt i am
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    database error sorted, drunk,not made a drunk oontz set thread fuck you all, wheres teh weegie cunt Rolf no t seen him in a bit
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    I look forward to the remake just because I was a fan of the original. I'm just curious as to how today's generation will interpret it, with the latest technology and whatnot. It will never replace the original, but it should be interesting nonetheless.
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    Skrillex died! http://yuarel.com/sonny-moore-found-dead.html
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    I've watched all 4 seasons in the past 4 days, I'm hooked.
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    Haha, same here. I've only ever had one other login, and it was cleverly my rap gang tag sign. So probably best it stays hidden in the annals of time.
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    In N Out Burger reigns supreme on my list
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    Haha probably long enough for exactly 13 cars to drive by. It is not a stretch to believe everyone who saw him doing that called the cops :lol::lol::lol:
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    I hope you get banned as soon as you powerpost your way to senior member.
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    We stare at each other for what seemed like an hour before he said, "Son, would you mind putting that knife down and coming over to the car..." I did so, and he asked me with a curious look, "Can you tell me just what in the hell you think you're doing?" "Well, sir, I saw this antelope on the side of the road and I thought it'd be a nice skull so I pulled over and cut it off." "I see you're not from this state by your license plate...Did you know it was very illegal, what you did there? That is a trophy animal, and you are required to have a permit to transport any part of a trophy animal in the state of Wyoming." "Oh no, sir, I just figured cause it was dead and all it didn't matter - it's not like I hit it or anything. I was just tryin to not let it go to waste..." "Alright, let's see your license and registration " I hand him my carry permit, license, and the paperwork - " So you're carrying today?" "Yes sir, under the seat" "That's fine - I'm going to my car so hold tight for me - I'm going to call the Game Warden and see what he wants to do with you" I had a very difficult time not exploding in laughter for the entire 20 minutes he was on the phone in his truck behind me. I didn't care if he fined me ten thousand dollars, the whole scene was so ridiculous - that I would be in trouble for reconfiguring something that was lifeless was beyond me - it seemed so absurd! Hell, fifty years ago in that part of wyoming it'd be the sherriff himself cutting off the head - but the times have changed to a much more nannyish state than ever before and now you can't just cut up whatever you want even if it's already dead. "Okay, son, here's the deal. We received about thirteen calls in as many minutes you were out here - five to the sheriff, four to fish and wildlife, three to WYDOT, and one to the Game Warden. I just got off the phone with him and here's what he wants to do: You follow me to his house, about ten miles away, he'll write you a warning, and if you'd like to keep the head you can pay $8 for an out of state game transport license. How's that sound to you?" Nee
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    Bang! Aint she a beaut?! Then to strap that shit on top of the whip and get the fuck out of there... I wasn't sure if it was illegal or not - Tennessee it's fair game if it's dead - but some states don't have that. As I drove off scot-free I suddenly realized I left the knife back at the body and had to turn around. I pulled up to the body and got out, located the knife and glove, both of which covered in blood, and began walking back to the car - when very suddenly a sherriff pulled up behind my car. The scene is such: A decapitated antelope, a man standing on the side of the road with a bloody 5" buck knife, a station wagon with a severed antelope head roped to the roof, and a sherriff standing outside of his truck with his hand on his gun, all the while a semi-steady stream of traffic on an old Wyoming state road at high noon.
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    Finally got my medical card. First legal wake and bake?
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    i made deviled eggs one night but didnt have mayo so I used some tartar sauce and picapeppa. ANd I do love cream cheese and pica peppa on crackers.. Some people hate on this till they try it but nothing is better drunk food than some Tune fish and mac n cheese. Fried Dandelions Reubens...yet since you dont always have corn beef so use hotdogs as a substitute. hashbrowns, green beans, onions, and sausage all sauteed up in some butter then take a some ketchup, not a heavy portion, and toss it all together. Dont hate...its good. I love Whole Foods 365 ketchup.
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    ^not my proudest boner
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    so i finally clicked on that shit. holy fuck. fuck everyone. the world was better without the internet.
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