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    I found this: Amateur premature ejaculation ...this is awesome.
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    i hope skyler dies
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    Smash Paris. Smash Lindsay, as long as she has the red hair. Trash if she's blond. Make Britney tape it, while masturbating with a magic bullet.
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    lol guys they r all missing again now
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    My native language is English and sometimes I just straight up forget what words mean. I forgot what a trumpet was for like 3 days
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    ^ Stay in school kid and don't skip English class especially.
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    bro if i can get my hands on some il try it not sure how you would get a cap to go over the nib though getting the ink to flow is simple enough you just have to strip the original nib and contents hollow out the cap fill with ink put cap back on and like duct tape it shut so it doesn't pop open and leak ink everywhere or to be safer put a ring of glue around where the cap clips onto the marker and tape over it to make sure it doesn't explode but the problem is having a cap for the eraser part il prob grab a couple of these and see if i can get them to work
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