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    One of those guys is wearing orange crocs.. DISGUSTING
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    Now this is the perfect cop to run from, you know he ain't catching shit but type 2 diabetes.
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    I forget who showed me this guy but he does some pretty amazing architecture etc http://www.studioartebello.com/
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    That is who control our society. Old bald white guys with mustaches, and fat losers who got picked on. Freak power baby.
  7. 1 point
    dubizm, i would like some of your stickers, mines arent as nice as yours but you down for a trade?
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    Chromatics Chromatics - "The Page" Chromatics- The streets will never look the same Chromatics - There's a Light Out On the Horizon Chromatics - Dust to Dust This is their best album yet.IMO.
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    ^^because he got down with d.i.t.c. for like two seconds?? unfortunately, another decent thread idea in the garbage because everyone in oontzland is certified ridiculous. that and it's not the "ask earl a question blah blah blahbitty thread."
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    TWEAK by bazeoner, on Flickr TSI by bazeoner, on Flickr Jas7 RA by bazeoner, on Flickr RLAXE by bazeoner, on Flickr DYZER by bazeoner, on Flickr
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    havent posted in a long while. heres some of the recent stuff ive been working on
  15. 1 point
    only if its administered by me upon my enemies tpbm is a spectator, not an active participant
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    false, last friday :( i'll prop u if u prop me. tpbm supports capital punishment
  19. 1 point
    set of collaborative panels for a group show. boxcarrapist was in on some of this action.
  20. 1 point
    I've been grubbing on some Cabot extra sharp cheddar recently. and @protester, that is some nonsense, chili's, mustard seeds, cranberries, wine, mushrooms, etc. can all be amazing additions to cheese (when done right). my .02 cents
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    Don't Know If These Are Up To Par With Everyone Else, But I'm Gonna Give It A Shot...
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    The Pizza Hut MiddleEast takes the 'American' concept a slight bit too seriously!
  26. 1 point
    Mammal toe. Olympic style toe.
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    DUH.... now i gotta post an ad on there to see if any females want to lick off my milk mustache.
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    most are gone, Ron Paul is still kicking
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    ^^^^ You responded right?
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  36. 1 point
    ha you can pick up lego pieces as an adult and still kill time like a kid. check out the vimeo doco on it too. the weathering on this is pretty sick check out the LEDs
  37. 1 point
    False, He is cool calm and collected. Like The American Psycho. TPBM believes that money should be more sort after than catching fame.
  38. 1 point
    He is...大 在臺北
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  40. 1 point
    "yeah i want a tattoo of a photoshop trends circa 2004"
  41. 1 point
    seck was one of vets first names...sec was not...I'd know...it was me...we had a talk about it back in the day...I had two names at the time sec and cass...me and deco blew up new ro Columbus Day weekend back in 87...a few of us had just arrived at NRHS too that year and we hit that school pretty hard...unfortunately...someone who either got caught or for whatever reason decided to rat everybody out...never found out who but we all did almost get kicked out...security came to my class escorted me to my locker and took every single blackbook, notebook, piece of paper, whatever...anything that had so much as a tag on it...had to actually go to a hearing with the superintendent of schools to be allowed back. We met vet not long after...he invited some of us to join tmc it was me deco mave(eve) thief(nerd) cer and a few others...he was one cool cat...I remember taking a trip all the way out to the last stop of the 7 train back in the day...just to rack cans (truth be told it was a good spot unlocked cans out of the cashiers line of site) and the journey was the best part. that night he did a throwie across the street and wrote yo cass whaddup or something to that effect...lmao...after all that shit with NRHS I decided to kill that name...I told him what happened with NRHS and how I was paranoid having yo cass whaddup across the street from my house we did talk about me having a similar name...sec...and he was cool with it. Last I heard Nerd was in FL...I seen him on the Metro North back in 98 and he was DJin part of the year in London back then...I'm in FL too...so is eve...I used to talk to eve on FB once in a while but lost touch with him. I see the piece with the Bode character jizzin on it was mentioned here...the link to the pic is not working if the guy who posted still has a copy of it can you re-post or PM me the link the sec next to it was me and I'd sure like a copy of it, thanks! That was done where the Amtrak meets the Metro North right above Webster Ave in New Ro. I came upon this forum, by accident...one of those late night accidental finds...but glad I did thanks for the trip down memory lane.
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