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    Preview ain't working at work... Pies from whenever... Out the front... No bike to work Ralphy Floor plans... Missed my calling Was impressed with this guy's can work Not so much Like Wrap lettersare the new sex... As in sex sells... Moar Dope spot... TDMsKGB Soccer Mums are soo 2000... Nipper Mums is where it's at Get the fook out of my bicycle lane In the bike shop ... ... James was at the pub on Friday Newcastle ride on Saturday... Newwie Home. The end.
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    anybody used to go to Pool halls to shoot Pool? You know you rent the table by the hour and play as many games as you can?Those are all gone now. we used to go to a really seedy one down from our school- Stolen goods under the end table, drugs deals taking place (we bought our first weed there). They would sell us a beer on friday afternoon from a case behind the counter. We used to cut at recess and then hang out there for the rest of the day. The guy was cool and if the school rang would say there were no students there. Then just before I left I was arrested for stealing my chem teacher's car. I was actually at the pool hall at the time playing pool but when the police rang the pool hall the guy stuck to his guns and blew my alibi out the window by denying we were there. Luckily it turned out somebody else had stolen the car so I got off but it was close thing. walked past where the pool hall was it's now a sex shop.
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    hey guys i didnt go cold turkey but i have cut my use in half. the hardest part is trying to convince myself I dont NEED to get high before stepping out, before going to the corner store, before meeting up with whoever. breaking the ritual is almost as hard for me as the withdrawal. i still havent told the girl. we had a pretty ugly argument about other shit so i was using kind of heavy again after that just because i was stressing out. stumbling but i haven't fallen yet. some kid got killed by a train in brooklyn, every time a train pulls up for a second I think about laying down. but that is pure punk shit. im just tired of having to argue with my fucking self all the time every goddamn day.
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    What is there to do? Everywhere I look on the internet says to politely decline a search being that its my constitutional right but in the real world you decline a search they bring out the dogs. If you decline a search. They get a dog. It tears your shit up or the police tear your shit up and they dont find anything do you have a right to sue them and recover your losses? My guess is no. I feel like declining a search is a bad idea only because the police will find a way to tear into you twice as bad because of it.
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    Jersey is mad dope son, but the opposite.
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    gnocchi// potato and ham// lamb kofta/ cus cus// <--- boring... rabbit pastry stack// <-- not boring!
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    Whoever posted the frog shit awhile back, fuck you.
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    I said this on the first page, he ain't listening.
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    Props are free for this one...just came from a reptile expo and they had these there...blew my mind!!
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    im not sure, but it seems like you're bars seem shakey and the width is too off...i'd so go back to simples. but you're showing creativety which is good mang.
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    I'm from Philly. I used to run through your women like nobody's business. And what kind of man isn't into banging sluts? That's why the condom was invented. Nigga you gay?
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    I don't know anything about Jersey or some shit, but I know that when you're feeling like that, you're just going to have to get used to things, adapt yourself there, or gtfo. No point in being in a place where you can't find hope in. In the meantime- get a job- work all day, and acquire money to travel.
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    orange drank this nigga cray blackened fish tacos from twin peaks, surprisingly delicious DAT PULP healthy fatass dessert mexican fruit store elotes. i prefer on the cob but in the cup is good too cottage cheese, granola, honey, strawberries, bananas, pineapple
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    Excuses, there is no place on the east coast that is more than an hour drive from freights. Sideages, customer spots, lay-ups or full blown yards, they are out there, you just need to put forth the effort and go look.
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    I am totally in agreement, fuck vimeo.
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    I support anyone who's a part of Team Chubb Lubb!
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    I'm only allowed to drink on Saturday's cause my drinking always leads to cocaine followed by more drinking.
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    they are about to suck his dick filthy whores
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    puppet masters was a good one
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